Practical information

Below you will find relevant and practical information about your housing unit.

  • + Common rooms, bathrooms and kitchens

    If you are sharing a bathroom, it is a good idea to agree with your co-resident on cleaning.

    To make sure you all get along well, residents who share a kitchen should reach an agreement on cleaning, tidying, routines, emptying bins and perhaps shared purchases for meals.

    We advise residents to make a set of common rules and cleaning lists. Every person sharing a kitchen is obliged to help with cleaning.

    Our janitors check the common rooms, bathrooms and kitchens regularly. 

  • + Electricity and energy conservation

    Save energy, save the environment!

    SSN has a conscious approach to sustainability and the environment, and we are always aiming to save electricity in our student accommodation. We are also depending on our residents to help us by doing what you can!

    With simple measures you can help us save energy, and you may contribute to reducing consumption. Keep the environment in mind! Energy conservation gives lower costs, which may be beneficial to you.

    Advice for helping us and the environment by saving electricity: 

    • Turn off the lights before you leave your apartment or other living rooms.
    • Air your room quickly and efficiently, and don't leave windows open during the winter.
    • By lowering the temperature by just 1 degree, you can reduce consumption by 5%.
    • Lower the temperature when you are going home for holidays, both in your own rooms and the underfloor heating in the bathroom.

    Thank you for helping us!

  • + Housing support

    Students with kids may be entitled to housing support from Husbanken. Maybe this is something for you? See 

  • + How long can I stay?

    The tenancy agreement expires 31 July.

    In April-May, you will be offered a new contract valid from August. This is sent to your email address with information.  

    Offers of summer lease will be sent once the offer of a new contract has been settled. 

    Please note that there are some criteria you must fulfil before you are offered a new tenancy agreement:

    • You must not have unpaid, overdue invoices on the date your application is processed.
    • You must not have been in breach of your tenancy agreement or terminated the agreement before it expires.
    • Maximum stay in our student accommodation is five years.

    Read more about our allocation regulations here. 

  • + Insurance

    Please note how important it is to have house contents insurance. You may already be covered via the house contents insurance your parents have taken out. Some insurance companies cover house contents insurance for children who live away from home, provided they remain registered at their parents' address in the National Registry. SSN as lessor is responsible for insuring our buildings and assets.

    House contents insurance does not need to be expensive, but is very useful in the event of an accident.

    We would recommend taking out insurance to cover NOK 100,000 in house contents for a single unit/apartment. This covers your PC, mobile phone, clothes and other equipment. You may of course decide that this is not enough. If you live in a large family apartment, the insured amount will probably be higher, but this can be agreed upon with the insurance company. According to estimates from our insurance company, house contents insurance with an insured amount of NOK 100,000 will cost NOK 400 per year, with an own risk of NOK 4,000 (at 1 January 2015).

    In addition to insuring your PC, mobile phone, clothes etc. you also have a private liability and additional costs for provisional accommodation. Private liability insurance covers the financial loss suffered by a third party due to negligence, e.g. water leak indoors, leaving a pan of water to boil dry etc. This type of damage may cause major consequences and loss, and you may receive a claim from our insurance company due to your negligence. House contents insurance would then cover you for your personal liability. Damage caused by third parties in a cycling accident is also covered by personal liability. Insurance cover will vary from company to company, so it is important to discuss this with your insurance company.

    Additional costs for provisional accommodation will also be covered by house contents insurance. If there is a fire, you are personally responsible for finding alternative accommodation. The additional costs of this may be covered by house contents insurance. Our insurance policy does not cover this.

    Items in storage rooms; house contents insurance should also cover items kept in storage areas. Naturally, the storage has to be locked and you are not allowed to store items on the floor. You have to store items on shelves or a pallet on the floor.

  • + Key card system

    There is a key card system at Fagerlund, Campus Vestfold, Kaldnes Brygge, Moov-in, Vestsiden, Øvre Sund, Campus Ringerike and Campus Bø

    You will receive a key card (free of charge) when you move in to your student accommodation. If you want to buy an extra key card, please contact your local service centre.

    All with key cards also have the opportunity to unlock the doors they have access to digitally, via "My key card" on "My page".

    Remember: All key cards must be returned to SSN when you move out of your student accommodation. A fee accrues if your key card is not returned by the last day of the contract.

    See the price list.

    Note: Do not make holes in or write on the key card - it may stop working. 

    User manual:

    Main entrance door

    Hold the card up to the reader and wait for the green light.
    Enter your four-digit code*. The door unlocks.

    *When you receive your key card in an envelope when you move in, each card has already been assigned a specific four-digit code. If you want to change your code, contact your local service centre.

    Room doors

    Hold up your card to the reader device. Press the handle and open the door when you get a green light and a single beep. The door locks automatically when closed, but you can always open it from inside with the doorknob.

    Green and red lights flashing alternately: low battery voltage, batteries must be replaced immediately. You may also see red and green lights flashing simultaneously; this means that the voltage is too low to make a correct reading of the card. Please let us know when batteries need replacing.

  • + Laundries in Vestfold, Drammen, Campus Ringerike, Campus Bø Student Housing, Vestsiden and Papillon, user manual

    Laundries with laundry card/chip

    When using the laundries at Fagerlund, Klokkergården, Kaldnes Brygge, Campus Vestfold student accommodation, Moov in, Øvre Sund, Campus Ringerike, Vestsiden and Papillon, youhave to use the app appwash by Miele.

    You can find the laundry location on each housings own website.

    New solution - appwash

    With the new soultion everything is done with an app on your phone (you can also use a web site). If you previoulsy used a washing card you will no longer need this.

    1. Download the app appWash by Miele or go to
    2. Register in the app
    3. Top up the balance

    At the laundry:

    4. Select machine
    5. Select program
    6. Load clothes and start the machine

    It is currently not possible to reserve machines with this solution., but you can use the app to see if there are any machines available. You will also receive a notification from your app when your laundry is finished.

  • + Light bulbs

    The Accommodation Department changes all light bulbs in all common areas, such as TV rooms, common hallways, common kitchens and basements. You must contact the janitor to get light bulbs for your own accommodation. If there are faults in fluorescent tubes/fuses and special light bulbs, these have to be registered as an error on My Page. 

  • + Mail and mailboxes

    Report your relocation to Posten (mail delivery company) before you move into our accommodations. At you can at the same time consent to report the new address to the National Population Register.

    Name your mailbox

    You can get a name tag from us - name tags can also be ordered on The postal service has a general rule that they don't put mail in unmarked mailboxes.

    Mail with incomplete information will be returned. It is therefore important to provide the correct address so your mail reaches you. Remember the name on the building (for buildings with a name) and the room/apartment number.

    John Smith 
    Sandeveien 3 B, Blekket 11 
    3184 Borre

    The correct address for your student accommodation is specified both on your tenancy agreement and on our site for student housing.

    Check your mailbox

    Please note that all residents must check their mailbox for mail. Rent reminders will be sent to the  address we have registered for residents. If you are late paying your rent, you will receive a reminder with a fee (“Varsel/Betalingsvarsel” in Norwegian) from our debt collection company, Intrum Justitia or Sergel. Read more information about guidelines for payment of rent.

    If you do not want to receive advertisements and/or free newspapers, you can put a  label saying "Nei takk til gratisavis" or "Nei takk til reklame og gratisavis" on your mailbox (No thanks to advertising). Our service centres have these labels.

    Do you have other questions? Check out our FAQ!

    When you relocate, do not forget about your mail! Remember to register your new address, mark your new mailbox with the correct address, give your contacts your new address and then remember to check your mailbox regularly!
  • + No smoking

    Smoking is prohibited inside all our student housing. All smoking must take place outdoors, use ashtrays that are placed outside (we appreciate if you who smoke make sure to empty these regularly).

    §3 of the Housing Regulations states this about smoking:

    1. All rooms (single units, apartments and common rooms) in the student housing are non-smoking. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the smoking ban is complied with. The tenant is also responsible for ensuring that this prohibition is complied with by visitors. The smoking ban applies in all rooms. It is also not allowed to smoke in window frames or on the balcony. The ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes.
    2. Violations of this rule are treated as all other violations of the rules of order, cf. § 14 in the lease. Smoker can be made liable for any damage, washing or refurbishment that must be carried out after smoking.
    3. Discovery / use of prohibited drugs on the property or inside the home leads to eviction.
  • + Outdoor areas/furniture

    The outdoor areas and outdoor furniture are free to use.  Show consideration to your neighbours when using the outdoor areas. Always put the furniture back in its place and wipe the outdoor table after use. Pick up paper and other waste so the outdoor areas remain enjoyable.

  • + Parking

    It is important that you only park in marked areas, not in front of entrances or where you might block snow ploughs and emergency vehicles. Improperly parked cars may be removed without notice. USN campuses are perfect for cycling. 



    Moov in:

    No parking lots allocated, but they can be rented from Q-park. Go to Q-park's website if you want to order a parking lot.

    Øvre Sund:

    No parking lots allocated for Øvre Sund. Please contact us if you need HC parking.



    Seven parking lots for rent in the basement. Contact Siri Berglia Hovind on tel.: +47 31 00 83 98 or send an email to [email protected].


    There are no parking lots allocated to Kirkegata 6. It is not permitted to park in front of or alongside the building.


    There are no parking lots allocated to the building. Please contact us if you need HC parking. 


    Campus Ringerike:

    There is no free allocated parking. There are eight parking lots for rent for students in the basement garage, with a monthly fee of NOK 800 per space. 


    Parking all campuses:

    There are parking lots allocated to our student accommodation. Parking is free. 

    Campus Kjølnes:

    We would like to inform you that from 01.09.2018, only our residents will be allowed to park for free at our marked parking lots near the student accommodation. The parking agreement for the parking lot at P4 (at the student accommodation),  between USN and Porsgrunn Municipality expires 31.08.18 and will not be renewed. The county council at Porsgrunn High School will take over the parking lot from 01.09.2018. Those who park in these spaces after the aforementioned date, risk parking tickets.

    If you have your own car and wish to use SSN's parking spaces, you need a parking licence from SSN, which indicates that you live at Campus Kjølnes. We only have 22 spots, which are labelled SSN, one of which is reserved for HC users and two are for electric cars.

    We charge NOK 500 per month for the parking lots for electric cars while the other lots are free. It will still be possible to park for free at USN's parking areas around Campus Porsgrunn, if you can't find any available space at the places near the student accommodation. USN will not perform parking controls on their parking lots around campus until a new agreement has been reached with a new parking company. More information about this will be provided as soon as it has been clarified.

    Those who wish to park at our SSN parking lots at Campus Kjølnes student accommodation, must submit an application to our local Campus Coordinator at [email protected] She will, in turn, prepare a parking certificate that can be picked up at our service centre. In the application, it is important that you enter the car's registration number, which will be affixed to the parking certificate. Those who wish to rent a parking lot for their electric cars can apply for this via My Page, and will be allocated space after the "first come first served principle".
    Please note that:

    - The parking certificate is allocated for one term at a time. You must reapply for the next term. Application deadline for the spring term will be announced later.
    - The parking certificate is a personal card registered to your car only, and can only be used by you.
    - The parking certificate must be placed with the front page clearly visible behind the windshield.
    - The certificate must be returned when you no longer have a car or move out of our student accommodation.
    - The certificate must also be returned when it is no longer valid.
    - You must notify us if the certificate has been lost or stolen.

    Bicycle parking:

    Campus Kjølnes: Locked parking area for bikes. Remember to lock your own bike. 

    Borgehaven: Bicycle parking under roof. Use private lock. 

    Grenlandsgate, Jotunveien and Kjølnesjordet: Bicycles can be placed in lockable storage rooms. 


    Campus Vestfold and Fagerlund Student Housing:

    The university car park, Søndre Car Park, is located directly adjacent to the student housing. Parts of this car park may be used by our residents. We urge you to familiarise yourself with the parking regulations for residents of Campus Vestfold and visitors to USN

    Fagerlund student housing is able to offer 10 parking spaces in the basement that may be rented by our residents - five of these feature charging ports. The cost is NOK 800 per month, with a charging premium of NOK 100. There are two disabled parking spaces. You can apply for an indoor parking space via Min side.

    You may not drive into the space/area within the entrances, or drive into the basement car park if you do not rent a space there. Bicycle storage is provided separately in the basement of the building. Bicycles may be stored here drily and safely (remember to bring your own lock).
    My page.


    Free parking. There are no fixed parking spaces. Park correctly and with proper distance between cars on the big spot by the waste containers. Parking in front of the buildings and on the gradd is not allowed. 

    Kaldnes Brygge:

    There are no parking spaces associated with the Kaldnes Brygge student accommodation. It is the parking company Micasa AS, which operates the toll parking on site. Students can rent parking from Micasa.

    Go to or contact them directly:
    Telephone: +47 33 35 41 00 or email: [email protected]


    Free parking. Residents who rent engine heaters have reserved spaces by the engine heater. Besides this, there are no fixed parking spaces. Park correctly and with proper distance between cars. It is forbidden to drive into or park inside the yard.


    There are no fixed parking spaces. Park correctly and with proper distance between cars.



  • + Payment deferral

    The Student Welfare Organisation is able to offer short-term payment deferral for rent. Please contact us if there is a month when you have difficulty in paying by the deadline. Please also contact us if you have serious payment problems so that we can try to find a solution to the problem together.

  • + Peace and order in student accommodation

    Show respect for each other. Residents are obliged to respect the need for peace and quiet a night and when others are working. Noise is not permitted after 23.00 on weekdays and 24.00 on days before public holidays, and up to 08.00 - in both the student accommodation and the property in general. Residents are also expected to show consideration for their co-residents' need to work in peace and quiet during daytime. 

    Show consideration for others. It is important to remember that you don't live alone, and can't do whatever you want at any time. If you have a problem with some of your fellow students, talk with each other as soon as possible. Things gets worse if you don't discuss such issues with the person responsible. 

    Arrange social activities. Shared dinners, parties or other social "happenings". This creates a pleasant environment. 

    For residents who share a kitchen: In general, no kitchen equipment is shared. Although it is often common to borrow from each other, always ask first. This avoids many unpleasant misunderstandings. 

  • + Pets


    You are not allowed to have pets in student accommodation.

    This applies to all kinds of animals, including reptiles, mice, hamsters, rabbits, polecats, rats, dogs and cats.

    If extra cleaning/redecoration is necessary due to residents keeping pets, the resident will be charged.


  • + Picture rails

    Most units have picture rails with special hooks for hanging pictures. 

    All types of wall decorations must be hanged from the picture rail - use fishing line or string. Contact our janitor if you need more hooks. It is not permitted to nail/staple items to the wall or hang pictures etc. without using the picture rails.

  • + Rent: Payment and guidelines

    Contact information:

    +47 31 00 90 00 | [email protected] 

    Our bank account number for rent payment: 2480 27 91050

    You may need some additional information if you are paying through a foreign bank:

    IBAN: NO41 2480 2791 050
    ADDRESS: SpareBank 1 Sørøst-Norge (BV), Torvet 5, 3120 Nøtterøy

    Your invoice is available at My page!

    What is included in the rent?

    The rent includes electricity (separate rules for the family apartments on Faun, Klokkergården and Åsgårdstrand), janitor services and Internet connection (according to USN's regulations). In most of our housing areas in Porsgrunn, Notodden, Bø and Rauland, the use of the common laundry rooms is included in the rent.

    Guidelines for paying rent:

    • Your invoice is to be found at My page. 
    • Rent has to be paid on the 1st of every month. The rent is paid in advance.
    • Rent for the first month must be paid in advance before moving in. After moving in, rent is due the following month as normal.

    Electronic invoice (eFaktura) 

    The Student Welfare Organisation offers electronic invoicing as a payment solution for our customers. With electronic invoicing, the invoice is sent directly to your online banking system. You can change the amount and due date before accepting. You can accept electronic invoicing by logging in to your online banking system either by opening the list of companies offering electronic invoicing or by clicking Yes nest time you pay an invoice. Your electronic invoice reference number is the same as your SSN customer number.

    Invoice on My page

    If you don’t want to use electronic invoicing, your invoice is to be found at My page. You are responsible for contacting us if you haven’t received an invoice on My page or an electronic invoice. We ask you kindly to use the actual printed invoice with the correct KID number when paying your invoice. Please be aware of which invoice you pay, because every invoice will be linked to the month that it’s marked with. If you want to pay for several months at a time, you can do this by using one invoice.

    Postponed payment?

    Please contact us if you have difficulty paying your invoice in time. Please also contact us if you have major payment issues so that we can try to find a solution to the problem together.

    We offer free financial advice for students! Do not hesitate to book an appointment with us, we can help you.

    What happens if you do not pay your invoices:

    For overdue payments of rent and other claims, you will receive a reminder with a fee (“Varsel/Betalingsvarsel” in Norwegian) from our debt collection company, Intrum Justitia or Sergel. Reminders will be sent by mail to your address. If you still do not pay, your case will go to debt collection (“inkasso” in Norwegian) with the same company. Interest and collection fees will continue to accrue.

    What if you don´t pay your invoice?

    If a reminder and / or debt collection is sent, fees and interest must be paid even if the invoice is paid before any notice is received. It may take 1-4 days from rent is paid until SSN registers the payment. Notice may be sent in the meantime. This means that payment 14 days after due date will always result in the claim being sent to Intrum Justitia or Sergel for further payment tracking. Such transfer involves fees and interest.

    Pay on time to avoid additional fees!

    When an invoice has been sent to debt collection, you will receive an invoice from Intrum Justitia or Sergel for your rent and / or other claims, in addition to fees and interest. This invoice must be paid. Questions regarding this must be made to the company from which you received the invoice. At the same time, we will send out a notice of eviction from your room/ apartment, ref. section 14 of the Tenancy Agreement. Issue of eviction notices incurs an additional fee of NOK 200.

    Enforcement and eviction

    If you still haven’t paid your debt, your case will be sent to the enforcement office, and they will deal with the demand for eviction. If your case is sent to the enforcement office, you will receive an additional invoice of NOK 200 to cover our costs for forwarding your case to the enforcement office. Management, monitoring and enforcement by the enforcement office will trigger legal fees. 

    Did you know that we offer personal financial advise to students?

    The content of the tenancy agreement is to be found under Rules and prices.

  • + Resident assistants

    Find your residence on Facebook

    We have resident assistants in all our student accommodation, to act as a link between us and our residents. The different student accommodation units have created their own Facebook page, which the resident assistants are responsible for maintaining. Search for your residence on Facebook and become a member!

    The resident assistant may help you!

    The resident assistants are students and residents themselves and live in student accommodation. They welcome new residents and provide essential information for those arriving somewhere new. The resident assistants make sure regulations are followed and can help solve minor conflicts between residents. If necessary, they will forward the complaint to SSN. 

    If you have locked yourself out, you can contact the resident assistant at your accommodation for lock-in during the period 15.00-22.00 (the service costs NOK 200, - which will be post-invoiced).

    Contact your resident assistant if you need a battery for the fire alarm or a light bulb in the common areas. They can provide an equipment package if SSN's service office is closed.

    Resident assistant contact information can be found on the website for the student accommodation.

  • + Storage rooms

    Different standards in storage rooms

    Most units have access to a storage room for equipment. Some have their own, others have shared storage rooms and in our newer accommodations you must apply for rent of storage room through My Page, as there is a limited capacity.

    Good advice for storing stuff

    Do not put anything valuable in your storage room, and always make sure it is properly locked. You have to buy your own padlocks for storage rooms when required. Please also note that all storage is at your own risk. It is prohibited to move standard furnishings from your accommodation into the storage room. Advice: When storing your equipment in the storage room, we strongly advise against putting boxes, bags, etc. directly on the ground. Find a shelf, pallet etc. to put your equipment on.

    When you move out, you have to remove all your belongings (even objects you think of as waste). If you find any items left behind by the last resident, please let us know.

    For specific information about storage rooms at your accommodation, please find your accommodation unit in the list under Housing  - info and prices.

  • + Sublease

    Do you want to sublease your student accommodation? Remember the following:

    1. Sublease is only allowed with written permission from SSN.
    2. The person you sublease to, must be a student affiliated with SSN, either at USN, the Police University College in Stavern, Fagskolen Tinius Olsen (Kongsberg) or Folkeuniversitetet South-East Norway.

    3. You must independently find a suitable tenant who wants to sublet your student accommodation, before you contact us to gain permission.
    4. You are still liable as tenant according to the Tenancy Agreement, even though your accommodation is sublet. As long as your name is on the lease, you are the one SSN will deal with and contact when needed. 
    5. The sub-tenant is obliged to read the provisions in section12-3 of the Tenancy Agreement regarding responsibility for the accommodation and payment of rent for subleasing.
    6. You cannot demand a higher rent than you pay yourself.
    7. We recommend that you sign a contract with your sub-tenant.

    Questions regarding sublease or permission to do so should be sent to:

    [email protected]

  • + Update contact information

    On My Page you can change your contact information. It is important that your contact information is always up-to-date, as your landlord uses it to contact you. We usually send emails or text messages when we send you information. 

  • + Vermin/pests

    Common room, bathrooms and kitchens

    If you share a bathroom, it is always best to agree with your co-resident about how to share cleaning duties.

    To make sure you all get on together, residents who share a kitchen should agree upon cleaning, tidiness, routines, emptying bins and perhaps even shared purchases for meals.

    We recommend that all residents set up a list of rules and cleaning lists. All those sharing a kitchen have to take part in cleaning.

    Vermin / pests

    To avoid vermin/pests:

    • Keep your accommodation and kitchen clean. Sugar, flour and other foods should be stored in sealed containers.
    • Sort all rubbish and carry it outside to the bins. 
    • Change your bed linen regularly and vacuum clean your bed. This should be done at least every four weeks.

    Have you been travelling? It's possible that you have brought pests or vermin home with you. These are difficult to get rid of.

    Should you discover vermin/pests, immediately contact the Accommodation Department service at My Page. 


  • + Visitors

    You can invite to guests to stay in your student accommodation for up to 10 days. You must be present during the visit. It is not permitted to have more people living in your room/apartment than specified by SSN.

  • + Waste disposal - sorting

    Remember to think about the environment, recycle and sort your waste:

    All our student accommodation has eco-friendly waste stations. Make sure you know where your closest one is located and use the marked containers to sort waste correctly.

    Thank you for your contribution!

    Compress your waste or order waste removal from our janitors!

    It is important that all waste is compressed. Help us keep it tidy around the garbage bin to make it look nice. Then we avoid visits by uninvited guests such as birds, rats and mice.

    If you have large items you want to get rid of, please contact the janitor and book waste removal. You will be billed for the elapsed time and the actual cost of the recycling station. See the price list for the current hourly rate for the janitor service (under "Waste removal").

    We ask that you please do not put garbage outside of the waste cans without agreement with the janitor!

    Paper/cardboard, food waste, plastic, glass/metal and general waste all have separate containers:

    • Food waste bags shall be tightly tied to minimise loose waste in the outdoors waste containers.
    • Paper can be placed directly into the waste containers, but not in plastic bags. If you have used plastic bags to collect paper, then sort the plastic bag into the outdoor containers for plastic.
    • Plastic packaging shall be disposed in a tightly tied plastic bag and disposed in the outdoor waste container for plastic.
    • General waste shall be disposed of in tied plastic bags directly into the otdoor waste container for general waste.

    It is important to compress all waste. Help us keep the waste stations clean and tidy so they are pleasant to use. This also prevents pests such as birds, rats and mice.

    NB! It is very important to sort waste and dispose of it in the correct container/igloo. The waste removal company will refuse to take the waste if it is not sorted properly.

    If you have large items you want to get rid of, you can order removal from the janitor (do not put it by the waste igloos without an agreement with the janitor).

    This is paper and cardboard waste:

    • Newspapers, brochures, envelopes, advertisements, magazines, phone directories, pocket books with soft covers.
    • Paper, cardboard boxes, toilet roll tubes.
    • Milk and juice cartons, you don't need to remove the cork or the label.
    • Cardboard and paper packaging such as pizza boxes, cartons for detergents and softeners.

    This is glass waste: 

    • Glass that has contained jam, pasta sauces, baby food, etc.
    • Beer bottles without redemption value, wine- and liquor bottles.

    This is metal waste:

    • Soda and beer cans without redemption value.
    • ​Tins, caviar and mayonnaise tubes etc.
    • Metal corks, soft metal tins, aluminium foil.

    Only glass and metal packaging that has contained food shall be recycled.

    This is plastic waste: 

    • Plastic packaging that has contained food, drinks or other household goods.
    • Polystyrene, clingfilm.
    • Window cleaning fluid bottles, shampoo bottles, bottles from detergents etc.

    Rinse plastic containers with cold water before you dispose of them. It doesn’t matter whether there's a thin layer of fat left. Labels can stay on. Use common sense: If it's difficult to get the plastic packaging clean, dispose with mixed waste.

    This is Bio-waste:

    • Left-over food.
    • Tea bags and coffee filters.
    • Paper towels and napkins.

    Remember to only use the BIO- bags, not regular plastic bags as these are not biodegradable. Empty your bio-waste every day, that way you can avoid bad smells in the kitchen.

    Mixed residual waste:

    Waste not sorted for recycling.

    This is EE waste:

    • Light bulbs, fluorescent tubes, long-lasting bulbs, fuses, rechargeable batteries.
    • ​Mobile phones, chargers, lamps, wires, switches.
    • Toys with batteries and electronic components, shoes with flashing lights.
    • Radios, speakers, cameras, computer equipment, watches, alarm clocks.
    • Coffee makers, kettles, kitchen appliances, hairdryers.

    Disposal of EE waste:

    In many of our student accommodations (check the web site for your building), there is a container in the laundry room or in the basement where you can dispose of EE waste.

    Electrical appliances such as TVs, washing machines, dishwashers, refrigerators, cookers, freezers, heaters and microwave ovens need to be delivered separately to shops where such equipment is sold. You do not have to buy a new product to deliver old devices. The shop is obliged to receive such items if they sell similar products.

    You may also deliver EE waste to recycling stations.