Adaptation for disabilities

Thu 15 Sep

At all our campuses, there are housing units that are adapted for residents with disabilities.

Let us know of special needs as soon as possible

Naturally, our new buildings fulfil all requirements to universal design, and we want to adapt in the best possible way for those of our residents who have special needs.

It is important for us to be given information about special needs and disability as early as possible, and preferably when housing is allocated, so that we can meet the needs of our tenants in the best possible way.

Information and documentation

Remember to attach both the necessary information and documentation of your disability when applying for student housing.

In accordance with our allocation criteria, it is established under section 5 of the exemption criteria that “Applicants who for social/medical/other reasons should be given housing can be prioritised. Documentation must be available ". (section 5.1)

Allocation criteria for SSN student housing.

Wheelchair users

For a tenant who is a wheelchair user, the rent is reduced to the same rent as for a similar unit with a smaller area in the same building. Let us know the need you have for adaption as early as possible so that we can work together to find good solutions.

Hearing impaired

All the University of South East Norway’s buildings are connected to the "Mobilarm" service. In short, "Mobilalarm" is a national service that allows the public to register their mobile phones for free, and receive messages from all registered buildings throughout the country. In the case of a fire alarm, a search is made in the building's area and registered users who are located there receive the alarm.

SSN’s student housing can also be connected to "Mobilarm". If you need such an adaptation, we would very much appreciate receiving this information together with your application, so that we can best facilitate for this in the allocation of housing.

In all our newly constructed homes, acoustics are taken into account.

Visually impaired

Impaired vision or blindness requires clearly planned solutions to make it easier to orient yourself in the building. Good visual communication and lighting are also important when we work to tailor our student housing for the visually impaired. Please let us know if you need further adaptations.

Environmental disabilities

Asthma sufferers, allergy sufferers, persons with pulmonary disease and persons with other forms of impaired immune system are also requested to provide information on special needs when applying for student housing. We will facilitate to the best of our ability. Our new student housing is built in solid wood which contributes to a healthy indoor climate and is thus a good option for people with environmental disabilities.

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