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Locked out during daytime

  1. If you lock yourself out, and have a key card for your student housing, you can easily lock yourself in via My key card on My Page or in the app. There you have the opportunity to open all the doors you have access to.

    (Opening from the web will not work if the internet on the building is down, so we do not recommend using the mobile as a permanent "key").

  2. If you do not have a key card, you can contact your local SSN service office during opening hours.

  3. Alternatively you can contact the welfare host at your student housing between 3pm and 10pm. The service is post-invoiced. The current price can be found in the price list (under "Lock-in daytime janitor/ resident assistant").

    Contact information for your welfare host can be found on My page or in the Student Sørøst app under the student housing service and My tenancy.

Locked out in the evening/night/weekend

If you have lost your key/locked yourself out outside of opening hours (or at weekends) and the resident assistant is not available, the security company can be contacted on +47 33 30 75 44. This service has a fee and will be invoiced (check the pricelist for current price).

The security company serves all campuses, except Rauland.

If you live in an SSN student housing with a key card, you can use My key card in the app or on My page via a web browser to open all the doors you have access to in your tenancy.

When you create your user account in the Student Sørøst app, you must use the same email address that you are registered with on SSN's My page. This is important for linking you to your tenancy so that you have access to unlock doors.

In the app, do the following:

  1. Go to the Student Housing service.

  2. Sign in with your My Page account if you are not already signed in.

  3. Go to My Tenancy -> My Keycard.

  4. Under My key card you will see all the doors you can open.

  5. Press Open on the door you want to open.

  6. The door will open!

PS. Remember to take your key card with you when you leave your apartment. If the app or My page is down or you do not have an internet connection, My key card will not work.

Read more about digital key / My keycard.

You fill out the application form after logging in or registering at My page.

You book the first appointment yourself in our online booking system.

NB. You need a D-number for online booking! Don't have a D-number? Call our Healthline at +47 31 00 84 44 to get help with booking.

  • Choose the campus you study at.

  • Then choose whether you want a digital or physical initial conversation.

  • Feel free to select "First available time" to see this. Click on the desired date and then time.

  • You will now be asked the question: "Do you want to book this appointment?" Select YES.

  • You will now be asked to enter your social security number. Once this has been registered, you will receive an SMS from SSN Helse, with a code to authenticate you. Enter the code and log in.

  • Your appointment will now be confirmed.

  • Later, you may change or cancel your appointment in the same booking system.

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Order the curriculum at Brage Bookstore now

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Resident permit bank account for international students

SSN offers a Norwegian bank account for international students who are waiting for their resident permit / study permit.

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