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Mon 06 Dec
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Student life can be challenging in many ways, and sometimes it is good to have someone to talk to.

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Closed during July

In July our psychologists and therapists are on holiday, but remember that the Student Helpline from Mental Health is open every evening and night (5 pm- 7 am).

If you want to book your first appointment for our counselling service, booking for appointments in August opens in July.

Welcome to a conversation - or to many conversations

Sometimes we need help sorting through our thoughts. Other times things can seem pitch dark. Whatever the case may be, you can book an appointment or come in for a drop-in conversation at SSN Health. Experienced psychologists and therapists are available both in-person and digitally.

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Tailored offer

Your proposed offer will be tailored to you, and individual conversations are among the many ways we work. Your offer can therefore consist of multiple different components, such as attending a course, committing to an exercise programme, or reading a specific book.

You can feel safe that you will receive good help whatever you are facing. In return, we expect that you participate actively in your own process.

The health services available on your campus can be found by clicking on Health services and choosing your campus.

Short wait

You do not need any referral to get an appointment with us. The service is free, and we are of course bound by the duty of confidentiality. We strive for the shortest possible time to wait and aim to offer appointments within two weeks.

Check out the health care services at your campus.