Student discounts

Thu 05 Jan
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When purchasing something - remember to check if you can get a student discount!

Remember to check if you can get a student discount!

At SSN and all other student welfare organisations in Norway, you will of course receive student prices for services. Check out the visiting arrangment among the Norwegian student welfare organisations.

You should also make it a habit to check if you can get a student discount every time you enter into an agreement or buy a product or service.

Benefits in the Student Sørøst app

The Student Sørøst app obviously has some nice benefits for you as a student:

  • The coffee card! Save NOK 46 per card (NOK 110 for 12 cups of coffee).

  • The book card! Get a 50% discount * on every fifth textbook you buy in Brage Bookstore.

  • Student bonus! Get cashback on the food you buy in the canteen.

  • The barista card! Get every eighth barista coffee for free in SSN's coffee shops.

  • Coupons! Watch out for for discount coupons/vouchers, or even FREE food, drink or stuff🤗

* The discount does not apply to new Norwegian books in accordance with the book agreement. The discount does not apply to package offers (curriculum packages are already discounted). Books on sale are included in the Book Card, but must cost more than 150,- and not be tied to a fixed price. Maximum discount NOK 400.

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

There are several operators who have taken on the job of collecting student discounts:

And hey - don't forget that you can apply to us to get money you've spent on doctors, dentists, physiotherapy etc back! Save on receipts and send them to us together with your application!

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