Savings tips for the student economy

Updated 12. Jul 2024

Saving is a bit of a boring word. But if you think about everything you can get back to save a penny here and a penny there, it might not be so bad after all?

Smart choices -> good habits -> money saved!

No one can do everything at once, but if you have a conscious relationship with the choices you make that affect your finances, you can quickly save a few kroner. Here you get some tips, which are both economical and environmentally friendly!

  • Choose to reuse. It is environmentally friendly and usually provides a lower cost that fits a student's wallet perfectly.

  • Swap groups. You can, without spending a single penny, swap something you no longer need, to something you want.

  • Clean up and sell what you don't need on Finn, Facebook, Tise, etc. Fewer assets provide better overview, peace of mind, more space and more joy (because others get to enjoy the things that you really didn't need).

  • Use your legs! Cycle, walk, jog! Save money and the environment, and get fit at the same time!

  • Student discount. There are many offers for students if you present your student certificate. Remember to ask!

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