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Here you can find and apply for housing and get answers to most things about life in student housing.

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Frequently asked questions

Only applicants that receive offers for housing will receive a reply on My page.

Are you an international student wondering if you are allocated student housing on the basis of housing guarantee? Read about the allocation to international students here.

Since we allocate housing units on an ongoing basis, we do not reject applications. You will therefore be on the waiting list with us until:

1. You are allocated a student housing with us, or
2. It has been 60 days since you registered or last extended your application.

If you have not been allocated housing, and have not extended your application after 60 days, your application will be removed from the waiting list. Why do I have to extend my application?

We work as fast as we can to allocate housing, and will give you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience :)

Everyone who applies for student housing with SSN will be placed on a waiting list.

Unfortunately, it is hard for us to say much about your number on our waiting list or how long it will take until we have accommodation to offer you. Some applicants have priority over others for different reasons.

Those who have already applied for a unit are welcome to make changes to their application at any given moment. This results in continuous changes in the waiting list. We send out offers of accommodation consecutively, and there are always some who refuse their offer. When this happens, an offer is immediately sent out to the next person on the list. This means that there is no deadline or specific point in time when we can send offers of accommodation.


If you have not added more options to your application (e.g. other housing areas on the same campus or other housing types on the same property that you have already applied for), but wish to change this, you can go to My Page at any time and add more options to your application. This way you might receive an offer sooner.

If you first receive an offer for a housing type that is not your "dream unit", you can submit a new application for the latter. Move in to the unit that was offered to you, and you will and get an offer to move as soon as something becomes available from your top priority.

Read more about changing student housing unit.

If you have questions regarding your application, you are always welcome to contact us.

Extending the application

If you end up being on the waiting list for student housing at SSN for a long time, and still want an offer from us, you must extend your application to avoid it being deleted.

You will remain on SSN's waiting list until:

1. You have been allocated a housing unit.
2. It has been 60 days since you registered or last extended your application.

The reason why we have to delete applications that have not been extended after 60 days is simply to keep our lists updated. This way we can adjust the waiting lists automatically, and applicants who no longer need housing (and who have not remembered to delete their application) no longer take up space in the waiting list.

This also applies if you have applied to change from one SSN housing unit to another, and may be waiting for the "right" student housing unit to become available.

To extend your application:

You can easily extend your application on My Page and My applications. This can be done when 15 days or less remains before the "delete date". You will receive a reminder 15 days before the "delete date" and have plenty of time to extend.

The application can be extended as many times as you wish until you are allocated a housing unit.

You can pick up the key either from SSN's office on campus or you can lock yourself in via the app if it is a key card and not a physical key at your student accommodation.

All information about key collection can be found here.

Locked out during daytime

  1. If you lock yourself out, and have a key card for your student housing, you can easily lock yourself in via My key card on My Page or in the app. There you have the opportunity to open all the doors you have access to.

    (Opening from the web will not work if the internet on the building is down, so we do not recommend using the mobile as a permanent "key").

  2. If you do not have a key card, you can contact your local SSN service office during opening hours.

  3. Alternatively you can contact the welfare host at your student housing between 3pm and 10pm. The service is post-invoiced. The current price can be found in the price list (under "Lock-in daytime janitor/ resident assistant").

    Contact information for your welfare host can be found on My page or in the Student Sørøst app under the student housing service and My tenancy.

Locked out in the evening/night/weekend

If you have lost your key/locked yourself out outside of opening hours (or at weekends) and the resident assistant is not available, the security company can be contacted on +47 33 30 75 44. This service has a fee and will be invoiced (check the pricelist for current price).

The security company serves all campuses, except Rauland.