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Thu 16 Nov
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Did you know that there is an easily accessible person on your campus who is there to ensure that you and your fellow students are feeling good?

Easily available help and support

Do you have any questions? Do you need someone to talk to about small or big things in life? Do you need help finding an association or something else to join? Is there something wrong with the collective you live in?

Use our counsellors for student relations on campus!

SSN has counsellors/coordinators for student relations at all campuses. These busy bees are often "out on a mission", for example in meetings with the volunteers, USN, the host municipality or other partners, so if you come to closed doors, that is why. Come back a little later, or get in touch by sending a message.

Find student relation counsellor at your campus.

Contributes to measures for better student health and well-being

These fine people are organized under the Department for Health Promotion and Prevention in SSN, and have a lot of knowledge and expertise which they use for, among other things, these tasks:

  • Follow up on the living environment in SSN´s student housing.

  • Contribute to a safe campus environment.

  • Having supportive conversations with students.

  • Coordinating and taking the initiative for health-promoting and preventive activities and measures.

  • Collaborate with students, USN, the host municipality and other stakeholders.

  • Follow up on student volunteering.

  • Process applications for health reimbursements and student funds.

Questions about student housing?

If you are wondering about something practical about student accommodation, you should first take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions. Here you will find answers to most things!

Q and A about student housing

If you cannot find the answer you are looking for, you are of course most welcome to contact our switchboard by e-mail, chat or telephone. On the switchboard, they are specialists in student accommodation!

Contact us

If you want to report an error/deficiency in your dorm or common area, you can report this in our contactform:

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