Healthy and smart food tips for students

By Frøydis Haukeland 6. Dec 2022

The food you choose affects both your mind, your body and your wallet. Ready for some tips for good eating habits during your studies?

Healthy and smart food tips for students (to keep up your wellbeing and motivation!)

  • Buy a lunch box with several rooms, fill it with pre-cut fruit, greens or the nuts you prefer. That way you’ve got your snack ready to go.

  • Fill an empty jam jar with yoghurt or porridge topped with jam

  • Making your own lunch is a sure way to save money. Keep in mind that lunch could be everything from slices of bread to yesterday’s leftovers. You can bake healthy muffins or pizza buns and put in your freezer. It’s easy to bring along in your bag, and it will be ready defrosted when its time for lunch!

  • Plan your lunch box in the evening, that way you can sleep a bit longer the next morning.

Packed lunch in a jar
Cutting tomatoes on a wooden cutting board

Raise your hand if you would look forward to having this lunch! 🙋

  • Plan your week and check your fridge before you go grocery shopping.

  • Choose food that keeps you full – for example whole grain bread.

  • “Sulten” is a free app where you fill in the ingredients in your fridge. The app will then suggest what you can cook! In collaboration with “foodies” the app also publishes new menus and recipes weekly. An app that will help you save money as well as reducing food waste.

  • “Too Good To Go” is another free app focusing on reducing food waste. Through this app you can discover and pick up food in a grocery store or restaurant close to you for a cheap price.

Check out these smart apps that might help you save money.

Smiiiiile 😊

Lastly, smile to another person! That is a direct source of wellbeing and good feelings.

How to keep food habits cheap?

  • More vegetables and potatoes/rice/pasta provides less room for meat.

  • Beans and lenses are cheap, healthy and filling to use in stews, woks or soups.

  • Oats are cheap and healthy! Healthy grains are usually cheaper than products with a lot of sugar.

  • Estimate the food quantity. That way your meals don’t lead to a lot of food waste. However, you already know that leftovers make for a perfect lunch. Do not throw away food!

  • Fruit and greens are way cheaper snacks than chocolate and chips.

  • The grocery stores have products marked with a keyhole symbol that are cheaper and healthier.

  • Have a look for “reduced price” shelves in the grocery store. Often these shelves contain delicious foods to reduced price because the “best before” date is due soon.

Use your brown bananas - make banana bread!

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Frøydis Haukeland

Counsellor student relations, Bø

Frøydis works as a student relations adviser in the Health Promotion and Prevention department. She is present on Campus Bø and occasionally she also appears on Campus Rauland. Here she works to ensure that students have a good and meaningful student life.

Frøydis has a background as a nurse and has a master's degree in health promotion. She has worked in the municipality for many years, both as a nurse, supervisor and public health coordinator.