Save money with smart apps

Updated 13. Mar 2022

All aids are allowed when it comes to saving money! Check out our list of apps that can help you.

The various grocery stores have benefits programs / memberships that you should take advantage of:


Gives you both a bonus (1% of the purchase price every time you shop, and 3% when it is "Triple Trump" day) and membership offers with discounts (often based on items you shop often) at NorgesGruppen's stores, Joker, Meny, Kiwi and Spar.

Trumf bonuses can also be earned from other players, such as Shell, Esso and Mester Grønn. Remember to register your bank card in the membership, so that you save automatically when you shop. It's free to be a Trumf member.

Rema 1000: Æ

Gives you 10% on fruit and vegetables, as well as 10% on the 10 items you shop most often. Membership is free.


Gives you an 11% bonus on fruit and vegetables in Coop's stores, as well as quantities of relevant coupon offers. You also get discounts from several businesses other than grocery stores. You pay NOK 300 in "cooperative deposits", but get this money back if you want to unsubscribe.

And girls: As a Coop member, you are automatically a member of the "Mens Club" (aka "menstruation club") at the Coop Prix. Then you get a 50% discount on bandages, panty liners and tampons at Coop Prix!

Smart apps to help you in your everyday life

Some have already been thinking bright thoughts, and it can be helpful to bring in an app or tree:

Benefits in the Student Sørøst app

The Student Sørøst app obviously has some nice benefits for you as a student:

  • The coffee card! Save NOK 70 per card (NOK 110 for 12 cups of coffee).

  • Student bonus! Get cashback on the food you buy in the canteen.

  • The barista card! Get every eighth barista coffee for free in SSN's coffee shops.

  • Coupons! Watch out for for discount coupons/vouchers, or even FREE food, drink or stuff🤗

Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.


... is an app from DnB which is for everyone. Here you can transfer money to each other in a simple way, especially the "oppgjør" (settlement) function is good to use to get money if you have posted something. Great to use if you share a flat with someone and don't want to be the one always asking for money for toilet paper.


... former known as Mattilbud, is an app that provides an overview of all campaigns and sales offers at the grocery stores (and many other store as well) in the area of your choice.

Too Good To Go

... is an app that gives you a list of surplus food in your area, available to a low cost, but with an high impact on the environment!

YNAB (You Need a Budget)

... ... is an app where you can set up a budget and get a nice overview of your own finances, available on your phone at all times.

But setting up a budget in Excel can be just as simple and straightforward - and not to forget free.

Get free financial advice

Do you need help setting up a budget, are you wondering about saving or do you need advice on how to make everyday life a little easier financially?

Book an appointment for financial advice at SSN.