How to use coupons from Food and drink in the app

Thu 17 Nov
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Food and drink - aka the canteen on campus occasionally distributes coupons to app users. Find out how to use your coupons in the canteen.

Have you received a coupon in the app from Food and Drink?

Lucky you! It should pay off to have the Student Sørøst app!

How to use your coupons

How do I use my coupons?

You will find your coupons behind the middle icon in the bottom menu of the Student Sørøst app. Select the "Coupons" tab.

When you arrive at the canteen and want to use your coupon in the self-serviced check out, do the following:

  1. Scan your QR code (the till will then know which coupons you have).

  2. Tap on the item you have a coupon for (at the check out screen) or scan it if it has a barcode (example: choose the item Coffee cup if you are going to use a coupon for free coffee).

  3. Select the coupon you will use in the app and scan the QR code. You will now see that the sum of the item you have a coupon for goes to zero :)

  4. Scan any other items you want to buy at the same time.

  5. Push Betal (pay)!

More questions about coupons?

Set student status to get coupons and buy coffee card

Coupons are only issued to users who are students at USN, the Technical College in Vestfold and Telemark, the Technical College in Viken and the Police Academy in Stavern. Under Profile settings, you can set the correct student status, and you will thus receive coupons. The same applies to the Coffee card, which is a student offer. You must have set student status in the app in order to buy and use the Coffee card.

Read about how to set student status here.

  • If you have purchased Kaffekort, you will find your QR code under the QR icon and then "Loyalty cards" in the bottom menu on the home screen.
    How to buy Coffee card.

  • If you have received a coupon, you will find your QR code on the individual coupon under the QR icon and then "Coupons" in the bottom menu on the app's home screen.

NB. To get coupons and buy the Coffee card, you must be a student and have set student status under your profile settings in the app.

How to set student status in the app.

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