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Fri 16 Sep

Are you ready to start to work out?! Choose the gym on campus!

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Our gyms have a complete work out offer for students and staff at USN at a reasonable price.

See memberships in Vestfold and Ringerike See memberships in Drammen

Find hikes, student sports and other activities in the Sørøst-calendar

Follow the Sørøst calendar or contact the student sports/student society on campus if you are curious about their training offer:

  1. Vestfold - VSIL

  2. Kongsberg - Trimius/Studentsamfunnet

  3. Drammen - Drammen studentidrettslag

  4. Porsgrunn - Studentsamfunnet

  5. Ringerike - Ringerike Athletic

  6. Bø - Bø studentidrettslag

  7. Rauland SFO

Check out the entire list of student organisations at USN.