Get money back for health expenses

Tue 13 Feb
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Have you had out of pocket expenses related to seeing a doctor, physiotherapist, dentist, psychologist, or similar? If so, you can get parts of these expenses refunded!

Apply for health expense refund

Financial support

If you as a student have large expenses related to healthcare/dental health that is not covered by public health services, you can apply for financial reimbursement from SSN. Every year we contribute around NOK 1.2 million in health-related refunds to “our” students.

This information is taken from HelseNorge:

  • When you are between 19 and 24 years old in the year of treatment, you should contact the public dental service. You may be entitled to cheaper dental treatment, regardless of when you were born.

  • If you turn 19 or 20 in the year of treatment and go to the public dental health service, you must pay 25 per cent of the costs yourself. The public sector covers the remaining 75 per cent according to tariffs set by the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

  • Young adults are entitled to an extended county dental health programme from the year they turn 21 up to and including the year they turn 24. This offer means that they pay 25 per cent according to tariffs set by the Ministry of Health and Care Services.

(Read more about the scheme in Circular I-2/2023 Extended county dental health service in 2023 -

Two annual deadlines

The academic year is divided into two semesters: autumn and spring. Once a semester is completed, the deadline for applying for reimbursements in that semester is met. You do not need to wait until the deadline; you can send your application when the expense occurs.

Health reimbursement deadlines

Spring semester:

1 August in the same year (for expenses from 1.1 – 30.6).

Autumn semester:

1 February in the subsequent calendar year (for expenses from 1.7 – 31.12).

Applications are processed continuously and at least once per month. Documentation is important! Remember to keep track of receipts from medical expenses – these must be attached to your application.

You fill out the application form after logging in or registering at My page.

If you have paid your semester fee and are a student at the University of South-Eastern Norway (USN), Fagskolen i Viken, Kongsberg, Fagskolen i Vestfold and Telemark or Stavern Police College, you may apply for health expense refunds.

Read more about health reimbursement.

Guidelines for health expense refunds.

You can receive reimbursements for several different out of pocket health expenses. To see what services are included in the arrangement, read the Guidelines for health expense refunds. Here you can also find information about the amounts you can have refunded, as well as general information and information regarding appealing against decisions.

Apply for health expense refund