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SSN runs the student kindergarten at Notodden. Here you will find information about this, as well as links to the various municipalities' application portals for kindergarten places.

Sætreåsen Kindergarten

Sætreåsen kindergarten is located at the edge of the forest, close to the USN Campus Notodden. The nursery has two sections: Green section for children aged 0-3 years and blue section for children aged 3-6 years.

Everyone is welcome to apply for a place in the kindergarten, but children of student parents are given priority on admission.

As the kindergarten is next door to the University, we have the opportunity to let the children explore the gym and the older children can learn to swim or get used to water. The children may also, at periods of time, take part in practical assignments for the students.

Apply for kindergarten in Notodden
Sætreåsen Student Kindergarten Notodden

Sætreåsen Kindergarten has two sections and is situated in beautiful surroundings within easy reach of the university.

For you as a student, Sætreåsen have some extra ordinary offers:

  • Extended opening hours for study-related needs.

  • Alternative solutions for sick children on exam day.

  • Network for student parents.

  • Kindergarten place for students at session based studies.

Tove Helene Grøgård

Manager, Sætreåsen Kindergarten (Meheiavegen 70, 3679 Notodden) [email protected]

About Sætreåsen Student kindergarten

  • All children shall participate in their own everyday life, and meet adults who have a listening attitude. Our employees are skilled, experienced and professionally up-to-date. They have a great commitment to their work, and are keen to offer quality, values ​​and experiences for you and your child. We see getting to know each other well, and feeling safe and belonging as an important foundation for the children to thrive and have fun and educational days in the nursery.

  • For several years, we have focused our work on the relationships between child/child and child/adult. The starting point for this work is the "Circle Of Security - COS".

  • In our strategic plan, we aim to be a health-promoting nursery school. This means focusing on physical activity and enjoyment of movement, diet and enjoyment of food. The nursery wants to work together with parents and children to gain knowledge and experience of the connection between physical activity, healthy diet and learning, health and well-being.

  • We use MyKid, an app which, among other things, provides good flow between home and kindergarten, and is a safe way to share pictures of the children.

Opening hours:

Opening hours are from 7 AM - 4.30 PM. Extended opening hours can be arranged for study-related needs.

Contact blue section (3-6 years):

Telephone: 902 29 467

Contact green section (0-3 years):

Telephone: 902 19 849

Visiting adress:

Meheiavegen 70, 3679 Notodden.

Postal address:

Postboks 155
3679 Notodden

Central maximum price

The kindergarten follows the state's maximum price, which from 01.01.23 is NOK 3000 for a full-time offer.

Food costs per month: NOK 350. This includes two meals and fruit every day and a hot meal once a week.

Reduced price

You may apply for reduced parental payment in the kindergarten. The household's gross annual income must be lower than NOK 550 000 to reduce parental pay.

Application is done via Notodden Municipality's website (in Norwegian only, choose Familie og barn).

Kindergartens near the different campuses

In Bø, Bøhamna kindergarten lies in the heart of campus, and they prioritize students with children.

For more information on municipal kindergartens in Bø, and to apply, go to the municipality's website.

For information on municipal kindergartens in Drammen, go to the municipality's website.

Risteigen kindergarten - customized for students with children

Risteigen kindergarten is owned and run by Læringsverkstedet AS. The kindergarten offers some forms of customization for students with children. See the kindergarten's own website for more information.

Other kindergartens in Kongsberg are found at the Kongsberg municipality website.

In Porsgrunn, Vallermyrene Kindergarten is suited for students and their children with a focus on student welfare. Vallermyrene is located only a short distance from Campus Porsgrunn.

For more information on municipal kindergartens in Porsgrunn, go to the municipality's website.

For information about kindergartens in Ringerike and how to apply, check out Ringerike municipality's website.

For happy and active children

Borre student and sports kindergarten is owned and run by Læringsverkstedet AS and is the kindergarten closest to Campus Vestfold/Bakkenteigen. The kindergarten offers some forms of customization for students with children. See the kindergarten's own website for more information.