Guidelines for health expense refunds from SSN

Fri 23 Feb

The guidelines for reimbursement of health expenses provides information about what the scheme applies to, how much you can get back and what receipts you need to attach to the application.

Guidelines for refunds of medical expenses of 1.1.2018:

The guidelines are updated 1.1.2021.

Students who in the academic year incur significant expenses for health/dental health that are not covered by the public health services, may apply for financial support from SSN. The scheme applies to students who can present a valid student ID and/or receipt for paid semester fee from one of the educational institutions associated with the Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway.

Students can only apply for refunds of expenses that have already been incurred in the current term. You can only apply for refunds for:

1. Services that include paid user fees listed under HELFOS’s user fee

User fees from:

  • Doctor.

  • Psychologist.

  • Outpatient treatment (hospital).

  • Medication with reimbursable prescription.

  • Patient travel.

  • X-ray examinations.

  • Examination and treatment at physiotherapist who has contract/employment with the municipality (ask the physiotherapist if he/she has such a contract).

  • Certain types of dental illnesses/conditions that impact dental health (anomalies/periodontitis).

  • Periods at a publicly authorised rehabilitation institution that has an operating contract with a regional health enterprise.

  • ​Treatment abroad organised by Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet.

Therapists with a reimbursement agreement report to HELFO what you have paid in user fees. When you have reached the exemption card limit, this will automatically be sent by post.

You can see a summary of your paid user fees at Helsenorge. Log on to “My health”, to find all relevant information. The summary of paid user fees must be attached to your application after visits to therapists according to items listed above. Note that this summary must include your name.

2. Other medical expenses

  • Psychologist/Psychiatrist without agreement/not employed by municipality.

  • Physiotherapist without agreement/not employed by municipality.

  • Chiropractor.

  • Authorized/publicly approved naprapat and osteopath.

  • Vaccinations in connection with studying abroad.

  • Dentist (students below the age of 20 must use the public dental health service).


In order to have expenses refunded in connection with treatment with a psychologist, chiropractor/physiotherapist/osteopath/naprapat or dentist, you must include an itemised receipt of the treatment. This means that the receipt must include your name, the consultation date and the name of the therapist. Dental receipts must additionally include information on the type of treatment you have received, as SSN does not refund cosmetic dental treatment such as teeth whitening, braces or similar.

SSN’s refund scheme applies only to the treatments listed above.

We do not refund medical expenses based on receipts from online banks, bank terminals or similar.


The Student Welfare Organisation may refund up to 50% of expenses after deduction of the user fee. The maximum refund amount per calendar year is NOK 6,000. 

Refund of expenses for vaccinations in connection with studying abroad is covered with an amount up to NOK 600. There is no user fee for vaccinations.

  • User fee per calendar year: NOK 650.

  • Maximum refund per calendar year: NOK 6,000.

Example of calculation:

   Application amount              1429,-
-  User fee                                     650,-
= Reimbursement basis             779,-
*  Refund percentage                   50%
    Granted refund                         390,-

General information

  • The electronic application form on My page must be used to apply for refunds. Login to My Page or register a new user account here.

  • A copy/photo of your student ID/app proving that you have paid the semester fee or a receipt for paid semester fee must always be uploaded with the application.

  • In the case of refunds for vaccinations in connection with studying abroad, confirmation from the educational institution and an itemized receipt for completed vaccination must always be attached to the application.

  • Applications with incomplete/incorrect documentation will be rejected/returned.

  • Funds will not be paid in advance of treatment.

  • The refund scheme applies only to treatment received in Norway. This does not apply, however, if you can show that you were studying abroad at the time you had medical expenses. If so, confirmation from the educational institution must be enclosed with the application.

  • Applications may be submitted at any time after completed and paid treatment.

  • The application deadline is 1 February for the autumn term and 1 August for the spring term. It is a precondition that the applicant is a registered student both at the time of treatment and application.

  • Applications are processed continuously, and at least once monthly.

  • The Student Welfare Organisation reserves the right to check submitted information. Refunds paid as a result of improper information may have to be repaid.

Appeals against decisions

Any appeals against decisions must be presented in writing no later than one month after the decision has been made. Appeals may be sent to [email protected]. The appeal body is the Student Welfare Organisation’s Managing Director or the person he/she authorises to process appeals concerning refunds of medical expenses.


These rules apply from 1 January 2018. The rules may be changed by the board of the Student Welfare Organisation of Southeast Norway.

NB! All vouchers/receipts specified in the guidelines must be enclosed with the application. If not, the application will not be processed.

Ordinary application deadlines

Spring term:

1 August of the same year (expenses from 1 January to 30 June). The deadline for sending additional documentation is 1 September. After this deadline, the application will be deleted / rejected.

Autumn term:

1 February the following calendar year (expenses from 1 July to 31 December). The deadline for sending additional documentation is 1 March. After this deadline, the application will be deleted / rejected.

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