The semester fee

Thu 06 Jun
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The semester fee is a statutory fee that must be paid by all students affiliated with SSN. You pay once every six months.

The payment deadlines for the semester fee are:

  • Autumn semester: 1 September

  • Spring semester: 1 February

The fee is divided into three parts, and SSN's share is currently NOK 550.

In addition, USN students pay a copy fee and an optional SAIH fee, and other institutions may also have their own fees added to the semester fee.

The semester fee is assessed each semester, and the amount can change.

Remember to pay the semester fee

  • All students who register for exams must have paid the semester fee in order to take the exam.

  • Your student ID is only valid once the semester fee is paid.

  • If you have applied for a loan from Lånekassen, this will not be disbursed until the semester fee has been paid.

The payment of the semester fee is outlined in the Regulations on Student Welfare Organizations.

What do I get for the SSN semester fee?

Among other things, the semester fee finances SSN's health services with free counseling, health refunds, courses, health-promoting and preventive services, and financial support for student activities (student funds).

The Student Democracy in Southeastern Norway (SDSN) is the voice of the students and helps determine both the size of the semester fee and how it should be used.

You can think of the semester fee as a membership fee paid to be a member of SSN. Once paid, you automatically get access to all your free student benefits AND you get student prices on the services that are not free.

Questions about the semester fee and payment?

It is the educational institution that is responsible for collecting and registering the semester fee. If you have questions about payment, deadlines, confirmation that you are registered as a student, and similar matters, you must contact your educational institution and not SSN.

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