Apply for money for student activities

Tue 09 Apr

Would you like to organise an activity for students on your campus? Apply for funds with SSN!

Apply for student funds

Well-being contributes to mastery of your studies

The goal of distributing money for student activities is to stimulate a rich, inclusive and lively student environment. We want to help you thrive while you study. Students who thrive more often complete their studies on time.

Allocation of student funds

Remember to read up on what the application should contain, and how the activities should be designed if you want to receive funds from SSN.

Allocation of student funds.

Do something fun!

Are you missing an activity that you would like to start, or do you have a fun idea? Then we would like to receive your application.

Your imagination is the only thing that sets the limits for what kind of activities you can apply for money for. Whether you want to start a floorball team, do pole dancing or start a stamp club, only you know. By the way - feel free to think GREEN when you start a new activity! Nothing is better than combining social activities with environmental commitment.

Deadlines for applications for student funds

Fall term:

15 September and 15 November.

Spring term:

15 February and 15 April

Apply for student funds