Sarkis' best tip for life around the studies: Get involved!

Thu 07 Sep

He is the leader of the student pub Louis, a member of the Student Association at Kongsberg, a student ambassador for USN ... and he studies optometry at the third-year.

- If you don't get involved, nothing happens! There will be no action or events if no one volunteers, says Sarkis Younan (25).

Perhaps the optometry student has an extra gear since he is able to get involved in so much?

- It is a great experience to get involved in student volunteering, and it is very social, he points out.

Thormod Fostad Kleiv and Sarkis Younan
Erik and Kris at Kongsberg Musikkteater

Tormod Fostad Kleiv and Sarkis Younan (right) in the Student Association in Kongsberg makes things happen for the Kongsberg students.

Happenings at the student pub Louis

When Sarkis started studying at Kongsberg, he knew nothing about either the student community or the student pub Louis. Nor had anyone in his class heard that there was a special inn for students in Kongsberg. But with a new board and new people in place, Louis has, through several efforts, been given a new lease of life, and there is now a lot of fun at the student pub again!

- It's not just parties at Louis, that is. We have many different events, there is everything from quizzes to role-playing games, board game evenings and not least speedfriending, which we had during the start of the fall term, says Sarkis enthusiastically.

Find events in Kongsberg in the Sørøst-calendar

Both the Student Association and others are good at registering their events in the Sørøst calendar.

If you are going to organize something yourself or if you represent an association, it is great if you want to enter your event in the calendar so that it is visible to everyone.

Go to the Southeast calendar!

Almost 100 showed up at Speedfriending

With money from SSN, the Student Association in Kongsberg organized Speedfriending at the very start of sponsor week. Speedfriending is the sweet little sister of Speeddating, which many have probably heard more about, and is therefore about being introduced to and talking briefly with potential new friends.

- We have seating for 75 inside Louis, so it was warm, cramped and pleasant at the Speedfriending during student week when 98 people turned up. Both sponsors and sponsor children came, so we had to "throw out" the sponsors, smiles Sarkis, and adds that there was a good atmosphere and many people joined the after-party when the Speedfriending itself was over.

Speedfriending in Kongsberg

The Speedfriending event at Louis Studentkro attracted 100 students in the Student week!

Rent the student pub Louis for your event

Studentkroa Louis is rented out for all kinds of events, has seating for 75 and can handle 250 people in total.

Louis is located in the center of Kongsberg, on the ground floor of Papillon Student Housing. The address is: Stasjonsbakken 3, 3116 Kongsberg.

Contact Louis Studentkro if you think the venue might suit your event!

Varied offer and something for everyone

- It was golden to get money from SSN to carry out both the Erik & Kris concert we had during Fadderuka (with 500 spectators in the Musikkteateret on Campus Kongsberg) and the Speedfriending. Before the exams in May, we received money for stand-up. We will definitely apply to SSN for money again, says Sarkis.

The committed student is keen to give fellow students a varied offer and encourages everyone to come up with ideas if there is something they are missing.

- We make arrangements! Maybe you want to gather to watch a football match or a championship or start a poker tournament? Then we are helpful in obtaining equipment and access to host it at Louis, advises Sarkis, who really wants to get the Kongsberg students out of the dormitory:

- I think that we have to arrange different things for different people. Some show up for everything, while others only show up for what truly engages them. It is also important to offer alcohol-free events as well, such as board games and quizzes, he emphasizes.

Would you like to apply to SSN for money for a student activity? Hurry up, the application deadline is 15 September!

Read more about student funds here or simply apply now:

Apply for student funds