These student associations were granted funds from SSN lately

Fri 31 Mar
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Four times a year, SSN allocates money for various student activities. See the list of some of those who have received support in the past year.

See what already exists, before you apply for money for a new student association

Are you curious about joining a student association or perhaps you want to start your own? Here you can see which activities have received money from SSN's student funds in the last two allocations, which were in November 2022 and February 2023, and on which campuses the various things take place.

In total, we have distributed approximately NOK 850,000 on various activities by and for the students in Southeast Norway on these two allocations.

Allocations of SSN Student funds Nov 22/Feb 23:

  • Board games

  • "The coffee treat" / Kaffekosen

  • Gaming crib

  • Yarn club

  • Winter Adventure Race 2023 THE RESCUE

  • Dance for everyone

  • VIKO 2023


  • Lecture/information meeting/debate on women's health

  • Christmas celebration in the student residences

  • KROA, excursion: Trip to Sandvin Bålplass

  • Revue group

  • Knitting and crochet club

  • Film club at Åtte

  • Various activities for exchange students

  • Various activities for exchange students.

  • "The coffee treat" (Kaffekosen)

  • Gala 2023

  • Outdoor gatherings/barbecue in Jotunvegen

  • Football (futsal)

  • Board game club

  • Christmas celebration in student housing

  • Volleyball

  • Stand-up evening

  • Creative laboratory.

  • Treninger i hall.

  • Activity for exchange students

  • Board games club

  • USN Maritime, liner association (received support for operating and administration costs)

Also check this list at USN, which gives a good overview of most of the student associations in Southeast Norway.

Apply for student funds

There are four application deadlines per year, two per semester:

  • Fall semester: September 15 and November 15

  • Spring semester: February 15 and April 15

Read more about student funds and the award criteria.

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