Get student bonus in the canteen!

Wed 10 Aug

As a student, you already get student prices in the eateries, but did you know that you can also get a bonus from the food you buy at campus?!

Download the Student Sørøst app and get Student Bonus

The only thing you need is to have downloaded the Student Sørøst app, and created a user account where you have set your status as a student. Then just remember to scan your QR code (in the app) at the checkout when you buy food.

In all SSN's eateries, you get a 3% bonus when you buy food by weight.

You can use your bonus on whatever you want in all of SSN's 13 canteens and cafés.

Download the Student Sørøst app!

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Student bonus is a "member benefit" for all students who have the Student Sørøst app. When you (as a student) buy food by weight in the canteen on campus, you collect bonus kroner. Student bonus only applies to app users who are students.

The bonus is 3% on the sum of food by weight. Campaigns where Student bonus can be collected when purchasing other products may also occur, stay tuned!

You can see your earned student bonus by going to the Food and drink service in the Student Sørøst app. Under the selected campus, you will see a field with "Student bonus" and your balance.

How to use student bonus

At self serviced checkout:

Scan your QR code and enter the food you are going to buy. If you have saved up more than NOK 1, - you will automatically get a choice at checkout, if you want to use Student Bonus. Confirm and your Student Bonus will be deducted from the amount you pay. Pay the remaining amount as usual (if there is any).

At operated checkout:

If you are at a checkout with a cashier, you ask to use the bonus and the cashier confirms the use of the bonus, so that you only pay the remaining amount.

Student bonus can be used on whatever you want in SSN's 13 canteens and cafés

There is no upper or lower limit on which purchases provide student bonus. Your bonus is available immediately after the completed purchase, and can be used from the next purchase as long as it has exceeded NOK 1. You also receive student bonus on purchases that are paid in full or in part with bonus kroner.

Read more about Student bonus.

How to set your student status in the app:

  1. Tap on your Profile Settings in Student Sørøst.

  2. Enter your mobile number. Use the same number that you are registered with at USN.

  3. Choose Student at the "I am..."-section and choose the correct school.

  4. Press "Save" (green button at the bottom of the screen).

  5. You'll now be asked to verify your phone number. Press verify number and use the code you receive in the SMS to authenticate yourself. NB! Verification of student status is available for USN students only.

  6. You will now be notified quickly whether your student status has been approved or not.

  7. If you have not paid the semester fee, you will not have student status approved (even if you are a student at USN).

Done everything on the list, but still not approved for student status?

  • If you have purchased Kaffekort, you will find your QR code under the QR icon and then "Loyalty cards" in the bottom menu on the home screen.
    How to buy Coffee card.

  • If you have received a coupon, you will find your QR code on the individual coupon under the QR icon and then "Coupons" in the bottom menu on the app's home screen.

NB. To get coupons and buy the Coffee card, you must be a student and have set student status under your profile settings in the app.

How to set student status in the app.

Read more about terms and use of student bonuses.