Terms and use of student bonus in the app Student Sørøst

Fri 15 Oct

See what generates a bonus in the eateries, what does not generate a bonus, and where and how you can use your cash back.

Cash back on the food you buy on campus

It pays off to have the Student Sørøst app!

You get 2% "cash back" (ie money back) on all "SMART" products in the eatery, like Hot´n smart and Cold´n smart. These products can be fruit and vegetable cups, juices and smoothies in cups, pieces of bread with cheese / cheese and ham, some pre-packaged salads and hot food branded Hot´n smart.

You also get 1% "cash back" on all food produced in the eatery. Products in this category will typically be coffee (without coffee card), hot food, yogurt bar, salad bar and different types of sandwiches/bread. Fruit is also in this category.

Remember to scan your QR code at checkout!

To get the student bonus on your "account", you must remember to scan your personal QR code at checkout when you pay.

Pay for new meals with your bonus

Your bonus can be used to pay for new meals or drink in all of SSN´s 13 canteens and cafés.

There is no upper or lower limit on which purchases provide cash back. Your bonus is available immediately after the purchase, and can be used from the next purchase, when you have earned NOK 1 or more. You also receive cash back on purchases that are paid in full or in part with your bonus.

Screen from Food and drink in the Student Sørøst app

You can at any time check your balance in the app, under Food and drink and Student bonus.

No bonus is given for:

  • "Retail goods" such as soft drinks, milk, chocolate, etc.

  • Tobacco, alcohol or medicines (you can also not use the bonus on the purchase of such goods).

  • Already discounted items (including coffee cards) or items on promotion / offers. This also applies to the purchase of benefit cards for coffee.

Earned bonus must be used within 1 (one) year.