Student in Southeast Norway? This app is a MUST have!

Mon 29 Apr
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With the Student Sørøst app in your pocket, you who are a student in Southeast Norway get a whole bunch of services that are relevant to you.

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In Student Sørøst App you will find, among other things:

  • Coffee card, barista card and "Student bonus" in SSN's eateries.

  • Coupons / gift cards and good offers.

  • Menus and opening hours for all SSN's eateries on seven campuses.

  • Info about your tenancy in SSN's student housing, your digital key card (unlocking your student housing unit) and the opportunity to apply for student housing. Read more about what to find under the Student Housing service.

  • Shortcut to SSN's student benefits - check out what to get (for free) and how to get it!

  • Shortcuts to Canvas, TimeEdit, the library, "Sikresiden" and My USN.

Home screen Student Sørøst-app

The Student Sørøst app consists of a number of different services - created and selected for you who are students in South-East Norway.

Made by and for students

The Student Sørøst App is the students in Southeast Norway's own app, made by and for students. The app sprang out of an Ideathon in March 2020 (a hackaton-ish contest with a competition to create the best student app idea), where members of the winning team in cooperation with the USN student company Rada Labs, have been responsible for most of the development.

The app was launched for the semester start in 2021 and SSN owns and operates it.

Do you need help with the app?

Something wrong or in need of help with the Student Sørøst-app? Check out our frequently asked questions about the app.

Did you not find what you were looking for in the FAQ, you are most welcome to contact us.

Do you miss anything in the app?

Student Sørøst is based on microservices. A microservice is a stand-alone small "package" of functionality that can be freely added or removed, based on whether you need it or not. The app can thus be adapted to you and your interests.

It can also be expanded with new microservices, so if you miss something, have a good idea or want to develop your own microservice, we hope you contact us!

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