Free financial advice for students

Mon 04 Dec
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Do you need help getting your student finances in order? We can help you - for free!

Help! How to deal with money?

We have a pot of money. We all use them differently. For some, food is the most important, for others it is clothing, travel or exercise. Common to all is that we want the money to last until the next payday or payment from Lånekassen (The State Education Loan Fund, Norway).

Having control over your own money helps to create security, reduce stress and improve the quality of life.

We can help you with:

  • Budget

  • Saving

  • Everyday economy

The service is free of charge, and a counselling session lasts for half an hour.

Book a half hour, free of charge with one of our advisers

Book a conversation with one of SSN's financial advisers, and get help to put everything in order, create a budget and get peace of mind. Then you will free up power and capacity for everything else that is important in your life. For example, full focus on your studies!

Book financial advice

  • Click the Book financial advice-button.

  • You will now be directed to our contact form.

  • Write that you want an appointment for financial counselling, and state when it is convenient for you to meet at Zoom. The appointment can be made on weekdays between 10.00-15.00.

  • We will contact you with a proposed time for an appointment.

  • You must have a USN user on Zoom, as this is where the call will take place.

  • Before the meeting starts, you will receive an email from one of our financial advisors with a meeting invitation.

  • Click on the link in the email to start the conversation and we will meet at Zoom!

Please cancel your appointment as early as possible and at least 24 hours before it starts.

Did you know that we have created four simple courses for you who want to get better control of your finances while you're a student?

Go to the student finance courses