We have welfare hosts!

Wed 30 Mar
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All of our student housing areas have one or more welfare hosts. The welfare hosts are employed by SSN to be the link between our residents and us.

The welfare host's tasks

Just like you, the welfare host is a student and lives in student housing in the same area as you. But in addition to this, the welfare host is employed to create well-being and ensure that the living environment is good in your student housing. In addition the welfare

  • When you move in, the welfare host is responsible for welcoming you and giving you information about the things you need to know as a newcomer.

  • The welfare host can organize social gatherings, and be someone you can contact if you need a little help getting to know your neighbors.

Join the Facebook-group for your student housing!

Our different student housing areas have created their own groups on Facebook, which the welfare hosts are responsible for maintaining. Search for your student housing on Facebook and become a member!

  • The welfare host ensures that the house rules are followed and they can mediate in any small conflicts between the residents. If necessary, they can forward complaints to SSN.

  • You can contact the welfare host if you need a battery for fire alarms or light bulbs for common areas. The welfare hosts are helpful if you want a bed linen package when SSN's offices are closed.