How to apply for student housing

Wed 12 Jan
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Have you decided to apply for student housing from SSN?! Hooray, we say! Here are some tips and advice along the way on how to apply for student housing.

Who can apply?

Priority applicants are students at one of USN's eight campuses, in addition to students at Fagskolen i Viken, Kongsberg, Fagskolen i Vestfold and Telemark or Stavern Police College. Other students and apprentices are also welcome to apply. All applicants must be over 18 years of age.

Read our criteria for allocation.

How to apply for student housing:

  1. Start by entering our housing selector in Find student housing.

  2. Use the filter to find campus and housing type. You can only apply for housing in one campus in that spesific application, but you can set up to five favorites within the same campus. You set a housing type as a favorite by clicking the heart symbol.

    NB! In order for the favorites to automatically be included in the application, you must be logged in to My Page before you select it / them.

  3. If you do not have a user account on SSN's My Page, you must create one.

    Go to My page

    When you have registered as a user, log in with your user name (same as the email address you registered) and the password you receive by email. You may change your password on My Page when you are logged in.

  4. Your favorites list can either contain apartments (for couples or families) or single rooms (living alone).

  5. Once you have added the desired housings to the favorites list, select the Apply now button.

  6. Select From and To date of your tenancy. That is, when you want to move in and out.

  7. Choose "Type of resident", i.e. what category of resident you are (for instance, "Student at USN").

  8. The rest of the application form on this page is now pre-filled based on your Favorites.

  9. You can sort your favorites in order of priority (with first priority at the top) by "grabbing" the box and moving it up or down. You can also add a new wish. It is smart to add more options, because it increases the probability of us having an available housing unit for you.
    (If you are allocated a housing unit that was not your first wish, you can say yes, and then submit a new application for the first wish. Then you end up in the waiting list for this type of unit, and are among the highest prioritized when one becomes available).

  10. Fill in information about any cohibitant and/or children.

  11. Add information about next of kin. We need this information in case something should happen to you while you live in our student housing.

  12. Carefully review your application and check that everything is correct. At the bottom you will find a free text field where you can fill in additional information such as disability, special needs or whether, for example, you want to live at a specific shared kitchen (if you already have friends in the building).

  13. Register your application.

  14. You will receive a confirmation of your application as soon as it is registered. You are hence placed on our waiting list.

  15. We work as fast as we can to allocate housings based on the waiting list.

  16. Please note that your application will be automatically deleted after 60 days. You must therefore log in to My Page and extend your application before 60 days have passed, if you still want to be on our waiting list for housing. This can be done when there is 15 days or less left until your application is deleted. You will receive reminders in good time in advance

    The reason why the applications are deleted, is to maintain as realistic a waiting list as possible. We often experience that applicants do not delete their application with us when they get housing elsewhere, and the waiting list is thus not accountable.

Good luck!