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Fri 07 Jun
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When you already live in an SSN student housing, you will be given priority in the queue if you apply for a change, so-called internal relocation.

Apply from My page

You apply for a change of residence on My page by submitting a new application.

Information about change of residence:

  • All financial posts for the present residence must be settled before you move.

  • You submit a new housing application on My Page, and the system automatically gives you status as an "internal applicant" when you are already a tenant with us. Internal applicants have priority on the waiting list.

  • You should NOT terminate the SSN housing unit you are living in. When you are assigned your new unit and have signed the new contract, your previous lease will automatically be terminated. You will then have seven - 7 - days to move your belongings to your new home.

  • Rent will be charged for both units during the period that both units are occupied, i.e. a minimum of seven days of double rent must be calculated.

  • Internal relocation is unfortunately not possible at the start of the semester (January and August).

  • Applications to change residence to a campus you do not belong to will only be given priority in special cases.

Rent invoice when changing housings unit:

  • Rent invoice for your new unit was sent to you when you signed the contract for it.

  • If the invoice for the month you are moving, has been sent, you will receive a credit note for the unit you are moving out from.

  • If you have already paid the invoice for the month for which you received the credit note, you have two options:
    1. Get your credit note paid back to you. Send your account number to [email protected].
    2. Link the payment you have made to the new invoice you have received for the unit you are moving to. If you want this, send an e-mail to [email protected].

You apply for a change of residence on My page.

Read more about change of housing units here.

These housing types are available in SSN's student housing:

  1. Single unit with private bathroom and kitchen

  2. Single unit with private bathroom and shared kitchen

  3. Single unit with shared bathroom and kitchen

  4. Couples apartment

  5. Family apartment

We also have housing that are adapted for residents with disabilities, let us know in the comments field in the application what adaptations/facilitation you need. Read more about facilitation for disabilities here.

For students at session-based studies short-term rent might be applicable.

FAQ: Student housing