Change of housing unit

Wed 05 Jan

When you already live in an SSN student housing, you will be given priority in the queue if you apply for a change, so-called internal relocation.

Information about change of residence:

  • All financial posts for the present residence must be settled before you move.

  • You submit a new housing application on My Page, and the system automatically gives you status as an "internal applicant" when you are already a housing customer with us.

  • You should NOT terminate the lease of the unit you live in. Once you have been allocated your new unit and have signed the new contract, your previous unit will automatically be terminated and you have three - 3 - days to move your belongings to the new unit.

  • Rent will be charged for both residences in the period in which you are in disposition of both . i.e. minimum four days of double rent.

  • Internal relocation is unfortunately not possible at the start of the semester (January and August).

  • Internal applicants have priority on our waiting list.

Apply from My page

You apply for a change of residence on My page by submitting a new application.