Three good reasons to choose student housing with SSN

Thu 28 Apr
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Are you going to study in Southeast Norway? SSN offers affordable rooms and apartments for students!

There are many good reasons to live in one of our student housing, here are the most important three:

1. Safe and predictable

  • Electricity is included in the rent of all our dormitories and apartments, which gives you good financial predictability.

  • You get quick help from one of our janitors if something in the dormitory or in your apartment stops working, is damaged or needs to be fixed. Contact the janitor via My page if you want to report errors or damage.

  • We have welfare hosts associated with all our residential areas. The welfare hosts promote a good living environment, can answer questions, help with light bulbs and tools, as well as lock-in if you lock yourself out (until 22:00).

  • You will always get help to lock yourself in, if you have locked yourself out.

  • We are a professional and stable landlord, who is there precisely to contribute to your security and well-being during your studies.

Janitor in SSN

You avoid both stair washing and other incidental tasks that often go on a trip if you rent privately. Our caretakers even keep track of the robotic lawnmower. Then you can concentrate on your studies!

2. Facilitated for students

  • We do not require a deposit. The salary from the summer job can therefore be used for rent instead of a deposit!

  • Our housing are made for students. If you choose to live in one of our dorms with shared kitchen, everything is thought of and arranged, and you do not have to share a refrigerator with four others.

  • If you are not admitted for studies and have signed a lease with SSN, the contract can be cancelled if you give us notice by 31 July. This deal is not available at a private landlord!

  • You get free internet connection via the university's network as a free additional service.

  • Laundry or laundry facilities are available at all our residential areas.

  • If you want to move to another of our rooms or apartments, you will be prioritized on the waiting lists.

These housing types are available in SSN's student housing:

  • Single unit with private bathroom and kitchen

  • Single unit with private bathroom and shared kitchen

  • Single unit with shared bathroom and kitchen

  • Couples apartment

  • Family apartment

We also have housing that are adapted for disabilities, let us know in the comments field in the application what adaptations/facilitation you need. Read more about facilitation for disabilities here.

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See how Peik has chosen to live during his studies, and be convinced why you should stay with us!

3. Social

  • It is social and inclusive, in other words absolutely perfect if you are new to your place of study and want to get to know new people.

  • Only students live in our housing, and you are thus surrounded by like-minded people.

  • The welfare host is responsible for initiating various activities and helping to get people to know each other. Read more about the welfare host.

  • There are common rooms that all residents can use! See the nice common room at Grivi in ​​Bø, or the common HOUSE at Klokkergården in Vestfold.

  • Even if you live alone and have your dormitory to yourself, you always have people around you, as all our housing are in some way connected to others.

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