Free access to Internet in our student housing

Thu 06 Jan
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The vast majority of our student housing are connected to the University's network, and the internet is a free additional service.

Internet - the most important thing in your student housing?

Yep, it's important to have internet access. In SSN's student housing, the internet is a free additional service via the University's network. In addition to the available wireless networks, SSN's IT department has placed routers on most dormitories/apartments.

What kind of network / router do I have in my housing unit?

See the info page for your student housing for internet info in YOUR housing unit.

You will also find information about networks, SSID passwords and the possibility of restarting routes in the Student Southeast app under the Student Housing service.

If you need help with the internet connection at your dorm / apartment, you can ask us for help.


Frequently asked questions about internet

Yes, the vast majority of our housings are connected to the University's network, and the internet is a free additional service.

On the info page for your student housing, you can see what kind of connection you have in your housing unit.

NOTE! Once you are logged in to the network, you get the opportunity to log in for free at Schibsted (you must create a user) to read their online newspapers for free! Schibsted's newspapers are, for example, Aftenposten, VG, E24 and more.

You will find information about the network connection in your student housing by clicking into the correct property (where you live) under Our student housing. Scroll to Internet in the list.

In the event of connection problems, you can restart the router in the Student Sørøst app under the Student Housing service. In most cases, it will get you back online.

Still no internet-connection? Our Technology department can assist you, send in your support inquiry via our contact form.

Use your mobile phone as a key!

Many of our student housing units have a key card lock system. If you rent a unit with key card system, you can easily lock yourself in via "My key card" on My page (both via browser and in the Student Sørøst app). Here you have the opportunity to unlock all the doors you have access to through your lease with SSN. This is also a feature you can use to open the door when having guests.

We still recommend that you always bring your key card when you leave your housing unit. Opening from the web will not work if the internet in the building or My page has downtime.

You are responsible for the legal use of the network

Each user is responsible for all online activity. Abuse will be penalised with warnings or exclusion from the Internet depending on the type of abuse. All users must comply with Norwegian law, and our residents must also comply with USN's rules for using the network.