The students common room is "The place to be"

Updated 19. Feb 2024

Warm colors, inviting seating, mini-cinema, kitchenette AND fireplace! At Grivi in ​​Bø, the common room has become "the place to be".

Innovation project created new, cozy rooms

In order to develop our services for students in Southeast Norway and test these on our students, SSN facilitate innovation projects. One of these projects led to how the old common room at Grivi in ​​Bø was renewed!

The student team in SSN's housing innovation sprint

From left: Maren Helene Solheim, Nina Justnæs, Vilde Mydske Thorshaug and Amalie Stokkan Kristoffersen were the student team behind SSN's new housing concepts.

Students created "The place to be" and "Dorm of your dreams"

In 2020, SSN involved a student team in a comprehensive innovation process to map WHAT the students themselves want from both the common rooms and the dormitories in our student housing.

Out of this innovation project came two concrete housing concepts, "The place to be" (the ultimate common room) and "The dream dorm room". In addition, a new micro-service will soon be launched in the Student Sørøst app, which is specially designed to increase well-being in SSN's student housing.

The common room at Grivi before and after:

Grivi common room before renovating
Grivi common room after renovating

There is no doubt that there has been a dramatic change in this common room!

After an extensive renovation, new life was breathed into the common room in the student housing at Grivi. The institutional character is gone, and this was precisely one of the main goals of the renovation. Furthermore, the new common room should help the residents get to know each other and have a nice place to meet.

With the help of warm colors, inviting seating furniture, many seatings around the long table and a modern kitchenette, the students at Grivi have every opportunity to enjoy themselves together in their new common living room.

And hello! Grivi has got its own cinema room for shared movie experiences!

Home cinema at Grivi student housing in Bø
Seating in home cinema at Grivi student housing in Bø

Cozy fireplace

The fireplace from the old common room is luckily still intact, and creates a cozy (and warm;) atmosphere in the room. What about coming home from the skiing slope, and light the fire while the cocoa is simmering on the stove?!

Lounge area in common room in Grivi student housing in Bø
Sofa and fireplace
Sofa and warm colors in common room
Bright coloured sofa group in common room at Grivi
Kitchenette in common room at Grivi student housing
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