From 4640 kr

Welcome to living at Grivi! You have your own bathroom, share a kitchen with six others, and have access to the most beautiful common room - with cozy seating areas, a fireplace AND a cinema room!

Questions about student housing?

Send us a message! Or contact us in the chat.

Welfare host for residents

Contact information for your welfare host is found on My page.

About the student housing at Grivi:

Read more about the cozy common room at Grivi here. 

Practical information about the student housing at Grivi:

There are two charging stations for electric cars in the car park in front of Grivi.

To gain access to the charging stations, send an e-mail to [email protected] and enter the e-mail address to which you wish to receive an invitation. You will then receive an invitation to Plugpay, where you can enter your payment card and see available chargers. Plugpay can also give you a notification when the car is fully charged (NOK 3).

Take a minute and read about fire safety. If you are living at Grivi you will find information about the fire alarm system at Grivi on My page.

Grivi is located east of the town centre, a good 1.5 km from the University. 

Attractive outdoor areas with the existing housing in Breisås. Feel free to use any outdoor furniture, but show consideration for your neighbours when using the outdoor areas. Always put the furniture back in its place and wipe the outdoor table after use. Pick up paper and other waste so the outdoor areas remain attractive. 

Parking is free of charge and available nearby the student accommodation. There is bicycle parking outside the building.

Shared laundry room. Use is included in the rent.

Each resident has access to a storage room in the basement.

There is a swap room in the basement by the laundry room. Here you can leave things you no longer need, or find things you need for the dormitory. It is not permitted to leave furniture or textiles.

Waste containers outdoors labelled for residual waste, paper, food and glass. Labelled boxes for sorting in each kitchen. Remember to recycle!


The property has electricity as an energy source. Electricity is included in the rent.

Think of the environment - help us saving energy! 

☀️ There is no cooling installed on the property and in the summer months it can get hot inside if it is hot outside.

Read more: How to cool down your dorm in the summer!

Cable in router

Internet via cable

A router from SSN has been placed in your apartment. To use a wired connection, you must connect the device you wish to use through this.

We recommend that you use network cables of the standard cat5e or newer.

Priv-ssid: Private wireless network

Private WiFi

SSID and password for your personal wireless network can be found under the internet tab on My page.

SSN external

This wireless network is reserved for tenants who do not have an account to use eduroam. If you are not a student or employee at USN you will find the password under the Internet tab on my page.

WiFi: Eduroam

This is the same wireless network that you will find on campus (in addition to a number of other locations). To log in to eduroam, you must use your student account ([email protected] + password). You obtain your student account from the university at the start of studies. More information about student accounts can be found on the USN website.

Eduroam uses wpa-enterprise for authentication. This means you need both a username and password to log in. Many devices such as smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and gaming consoles do not support this and therefore cannot be used on Eduroam.

WiFi public areas

These wireless networks are also available in public areas (kitchen/lounge/hallway).

Subject to errors in inventory. In addition, some inventory may apply to common areas and not the individual unit.


Floorplan Grivi, all floors pdf