How to cool down your student dorm in the summer

Thu 06 Jun
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When it's hot outside, it also gets hot inside. Take some tips on how you can cool down your student dorm.

Energy-efficient student housing

Our student housing is built to be energy-efficient in order to retain heat during the cold season. The well-insulated buildings help maintain the temperature, which can also be advantageous during summer as long as you have managed to cool down your room and prevent heat from coming in.

But should you really have your window wide open when the sun is scorching in the middle of the day? Well, the simple answer to this question is no.

In other parts of the world where people are more accustomed to high temperatures than here in Norway, windows are closed and covered to keep out the sun and heat. Up here in the north, where we are used to airing out our rooms when it suits us and allowing in cold, fresh air in warm rooms, it feels unnatural to close the window when it is hot - but that is what we must learn!

Here's how you can keep your apartment cool when it's hot outside:

  1. Sunscreens/blinds should be down during the day when the sun is blazing. If you have curtains, you can draw them to keep the sun out.

  2. Close the windows during daytime when the sun is up so that the heat doesn't get in!

  3. When the temperature drops in the evening, you can open the window. Remember to close the window again before the sun starts heating up.

  4. Swap out your duvet, either for a thinner summer duvet or just use the duvet cover.

  5. Buy a fan! A hot tip is to buy a fan in the spring, BEFORE it gets hot (that way, stores have a good selection, and you'll be prepared when the heat arrives).

  6. It's pretty obvious to turn off the heater - but also remember to turn off the heated floors in the bathroom!

  7. Do you have a huge gaming setup in your dorm? PCs, monitors, etc., release heat. On the hottest days of the year, you might be better off going to the nearest beach than sitting inside gaming.

Bedroom and living room combined?

Let's be honest - student dorms are not that spacious. When the dorm room needs to be both a bedroom and a living space, it can be challenging to achieve the desired room temperature.

If having a cool bedroom is important to you, you may need to prioritize going to the library during the day instead of studying in your room.

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