Save energy, save the environment!

Wed 16 Jun

SSN has a conscious approach to sustainability and the environment, and we are always aiming to save electricity in our student accommodation.

We are also depending on our residents to help us by doing what you can!

With simple measures you can help us save energy, and you may contribute to reducing consumption. Keep the environment in mind! Energy conservation gives lower costs, which may be beneficial to you.

Advice for helping us and the environment by saving electricity: 

  • Turn off the lights before you leave your apartment or other living rooms.

  • Air your room quickly and efficiently, and don't leave windows open during the winter.

  • By lowering the temperature by just 1 degree, you can reduce consumption by 5%.

  • Lower the temperature when you are going home for holidays, both in the different rooms and the underfloor heating in the bathroom.

25 energy efficiency tips!