Rented housing, but not admitted to studies?

Mon 08 May
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It is a good idea to have obtained student housing even if you do not know if you will enter the study. The lease can be canceled if you do not enter.

What to do with the contract?

If you have booked a unit but are not admitted to studies by USN, you can be released from the contract signed from 1 August as long as we receive written notice from you before 31 July.

If you have a contract start on 1 August or later, you will thus pay nothing.

NB. Tenants with a contract start in July have, in accordance with §5.4 of the tenancy agreement, undertaken to pay the rent for the month of July.

*Non-cancellable contracts for international students

International students are awarded contracts that are non-cancellable and last until June 30 or July 31, based on the student's wishes.

Are you unsure of what applies in your contract? Read §4 in your lease, where you will find correct information about the duration of your tenancy.

How to cancel the contract?

You can easily cancel by clicking on "cancel" on your contract on My Page or send us an e-mail by 31 July.

You will receive a confirmation to your registered email address that the cancellation has been received.

Termination after 31 July

If you terminate the contract after 31 July, this will be treated as a regular termination and you must act according to the terms for termination which is three - 3 - months.

More about termination.

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