Cancelling your lease

Tue 01 Aug
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You register termination by logging in to My page and navigating to My tenancy. The termination period is three - 3 - months (not for international students*).

*Non-cancellable contracts for international students

International students are awarded contracts that are non-cancellable and last until June 30 or July 31, based on the student's wishes.

Are you unsure of what applies in your contract? Read §4 in your lease, where you will find correct information about the duration of your tenancy.

This is stated in the tenancy agreement about termination:

Section 4 Duration of tenancy

  1. The tenancy agreement duration is specified in section 1 of the tenancy agreement.

  2. The tenant is obliged either to apply for re-allocation with a new contract, or give notice that he/she will vacate the premises three months before the contract expires.

  3. During the agreement period, the tenancy may be terminated by the tenant with three months' notice calculated from the final day of the month.  

  4. Termination of an agreement must be registered via My page. The tenant's new address must be specified in the notice text. 

  5. If the tenant dies, both the estate of the deceased person and the landlord have the right to terminate the contract within legal deadlines cf. Tenancy Act section 9-10. 

Special rules

Special rules apply if you have signed the tenancy agreement with us before the main admission to Samordna opptak (which is by 20 July), and are not admitted to the programme.

You can cancel your tenancy agreement on My page by 31 July and be released from your contract. (This does not apply to international students with irrevocable contracts).

Read more about cancellation/release from contract.

Terminate and move out, and re-apply?

NB! Tenants who move out of SSN-housing after April 15th, and then apply for a new lease for the autumn semester of the same year, will go to the bottom of the waiting list. You may therefore find that it takes longer to be allocated a new student accommodation.

The order of priority in the allocation of student housing can be found under §4 in our Allocation criteria.