Frequently asked questions: Moving out

Wed 07 Sep

Find answers to questions about moving out of your SSN student housing.

About moving out from student housing

You have three - 3 - months' notice from the last day of the month. NB. This is not applicable to international students with non-cancellable contracts.

If you wish to terminate your tenancy with us, this is done on My page under My tenancy.

Read more about termination here.

To terminate your tenancy, log into My Page. Log in by using your username and password. You will receive an e-mail confirming that your termination of tenancy agreement has been received. In addition to this, you will also receive practical information about moving out.

Read more about termination here.

Three months notice

If you are not an international student, you can normally terminate the lease with a notice period of three - 3 - months from the last date of the month. You can terminate the lease on My Page.

Non-cancellable contracts for international students

International students are offered contracts that are non-cancellable and last until June 30 or July 31, based on the student's wishes.

Are you unsure of what applies in your contract? Read §4 in your rental agreement, where you will find correct information about the duration of your tenancy.

Find the content of the tenancy agreement here.

If you do not want to keep the student housing throughout the summer, you must terminate the tenancy agreement and your housing unit will thus be made available to another applicant.

If you terminate and move out after 15 April, and then apply for student housing again from the autumn semester, you must be aware that you will not be prioritized at a new allocation. It may therefore take longer to get a new offer (as you have already been allocated a student accommodation, but chose to terminate the lease).

You can read more about our allocation criteria here.

Yes. You must carry out the final cleaning yourself.

If you are not able to or not willing to clean the unit by yourself, you can book and pay for cleaning from SSN. The booking must be registered three weeks before you are moving out.

You can read more about final cleaning and see prices here. Note that a fee is triggered in the event of insufficient final cleaning.

Cross off the items on this check-list before you move out:

  • Terminate the tenancy agreement via My page, the period of notice is three months.

  • Make sure all rent has been paid.

  • Clear all areas for your belongings, remember to throw out the rubbish.

  • What do I have to clean and tidy? You are responsible for cleaning before moving out.

  • Book a cleaning control from SSN on My page (important, to avoid risking a cleaning fee!)

  • Leave the unit in the same condition that you first received it.

  • Return the key.

  • Change your address at Posten.

Report errors

Before you move out, please report any errors via My page.

Deadline for delivery of the key

The deadline for delivery of the key is before 10:00 am on the day of the contract. Your housing unit must then be ready for delivery (emptied, cleaned and washed).

Where do I deliver the key?

Key / key card can be delivered to your local service office during our opening hours. If your last contract day falls on a weekend, public holiday, holiday or outside our opening hours, you may use our dropboxes.

Read more about key delivery.

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