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Dropbox location for delivery of key

Wed 07 Dec

If your last day of the contract falls on a weekend, public holiday, holiday or outside our opening hours, you can use one of our dropboxes and deliver your key in this.

IMPORTANT about use of dropbox for delivery of key!

Keys and everything else that is delivered in our dropboxes MUST be put in a named envelope.

Find your nearest dropbox here:


  • Pick up: To the right outside the entrance to the common room, vis a vis the mailboxes (you must have a code for the key box).

  • Delivery: Inside the small door into the common room, under the fire panel.


Pick up and delivery: At the small red building by the car park in Elgfaret. The dropbox hangs under the taxi sign.

Campus Bø Student Housing:

By the main entrance to building 28 (inside on the ground floor).

Inside the University building:

There is also a dropbox to the right outside of the door to SSN's office, which is located inside the university building at the main entrance (by the USN Servicetorg). This is only available during USN Campus Bø's opening hours.

Moov In:

Marked dropbox by the mailboxes.

Øvre Sund:

Marked dropbox by the mailboxes at Tutus, Domi and Unitas.


Marked drop off point by the main entrance to the student accommodation.


Marked drop off point by the mailboxes.


By message board in the hallway in Silva.


Letter box by the door to the maintenance building.


Marked drop off point by the mailboxes.


The letter box at the janitor's office at Jotunveien 20.

Campus Kjølnes:

The mailbox marked "drop box" hanging in the laundry room in Campus Kjølnes.

Campus Ringerike Studentboliger, Luna:

Marked drop off points by the mailboxes.

Please contact:

Mr Bjørgulf Askvik on tel:+47 905 21 349.

Campus Vestfold Student Housing:

Marked drop off point in the laundry room on the ground floor in the Delta building.


Letter box by the technical room in the basement in Myra.


Letterbox by the janitor's room located between Madonna and Pikene på broen.

Kaldnes Brygge:

Letter box to the janitor's room on the ground floor.

Fagerlund Student Housing:

Letter box in the laundry room.

Fee for missing key

  • If the key card has not been handed in by 10 am on the last day of the contract, a fee will be issued in accordance with the current price list.

  • If the key has not been handed in by 10 am on the last day of the contract, the cylinder must be replaced and the tenant will be invoiced for cylinder replacement, as well as a fee for loss of key.

See the price list.