Price list for additional services and fees in SSN Housing

Mon 24 Jan

Prices and fees in SSN´s student housing

We invoice for various additional services, and have fixed fees for obligations that are not fulfilled in accordance with the tenancy agreement or our housing regulations. When you are living with us, you will usually be invoiced on your next rent.

Fee for final cleaning Price
Complete cleaning of an apartment NOK 3500
Complete cleaning of single unit with private kitchen NOK 2500
Complete cleaning of single unit with shared kitchen NOK 2000
Cleaning of oven NOK 600
Complete cleaning of extra dirty unit/apartment NOK 600 per hour
Removal/return of furniture NOK 2000
Disposal at recycling station The actual price for the disposal
Lock in services and loss of key Price
Lock in by janitor/welfare host NOK 200
Lock in by NOKAS (NB. Lock in by phone or physical attendance has the same cost) NOK 995
New key for common doors NOK 500
New key for unit/apartment NOK 150
New key for mailbox NOK 100
Extra (max 2 cards pr resident)/new/broken key card NOK 100
Fee when key card is missing at check out NOK 100
Sylinder replacement NOK 750
Various fees Price
Waste removal (hourly rate) NOK 500
Cleaning of common room (hourly rate) NOK 500
Reminder fee from Sergel* NOK 70
Non-student fee (monthly additional fee) NOK 1000
Various prices for housing services Price
New router NOK 250
Use of washing machine/tumble dryer in shared laundry room NOK 20
Storage room rental pr month: Campus Bø and Fagerlund Vestfold NOK 140
Storage room rental pr month: Vestsiden Kongsberg NOK 50
Parking space rental: Kongsberg, Porsgrunn, Ringerike and Vestfold from NOK 500 - 1000
Parking space rental pr month: Campus Bø NOK 310
Bedding package: One duvet, one pillow, one duvet cover, one pillow cover, one sheet, one large towel and one small towel NOK 645
Prices short-term rent, cleaning included Price
Rent for 2 days NOK 1150
Rent for 3 days NOK 1600
Rent for 4 - 7 days NOK 1800
Fee per night for non-students NOK 100
Bed linen package (one duvet cover, one pillowcase, one sheet, two towels - one small and one large) NOK 300

*Sergel only sends one reminder with fee before the amount goes to legal collection.

We reserve the right to make changes to our prices.