Housing regulations in SSN´s student housing

Thu 03 Feb

Rules of order are nice to have. When it is neat and clean, most of us thrive so much better. Contribute to the community and follow the rules of order;)

Pay attention

Pay attention to others. Talk to your neighbours before you enter the exam period, so it's easier for everyone to pay attention to each other. If you have a problem with any of your co-tenants, raise it with them as soon as possible, before it degenerates and becomes difficult to solve.

Feel free to arrange social activities with your fellow residents. Dinners, parties and other social happenings create unity and a nice environment to live in.

Quiet between 11 pm (12) and 8 am

According to the housing regulations, residents must not make noise after 23.00 Sunday-Thursday and after 24.00 Friday-Saturday.

If you are bothered by noisy neighbours, you may proceed as follows:

  • Talk to them and ask them to turn down the music and show consideration for others.

  • Talk to the welfare host at your building, he/she may be able to help. Contact information to your welfare host is available at My page on desktop or in the app under Student housing/My tenancy.

  • Send a complaint to SSN – remember to specify time, place and room number.

  • Call the police – phone: 02800.

After 11:00 pm on weekdays and 12:00 on days before public holidays, and until 08:00, there must be peace in the housing units, as well as on the property in general. This also includes the understanding that one must take into account one's co-tenants' need for peace of mind even during the day.

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