Cleaning in shared kitchen

Tue 07 Mar
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Make cleaning lists, gather for kitchen meetings and create a kitchen chat to keep your shared kitchen clean and tidy. Our cleaners check the cleaning regularly.

Gather for a kitchen meeting

We recommend that everyone in the shared kitchen sits down together in a kitchen meeting and makes common rules of order and a cleaning list with a "rotation scheme" where each resident has their cleaning week.

Create a kitchen chat!

An additional tip is to create a kitchen chat on a social platform that everyone in the shared kitchen has access to. Then the threshold is low to tell if the neighbour has forgotten to clean up after dinner or have the cleaning week changed if you are not home when it is your turn.

If you belong to a shared kitchen where more than four are sharing, the following kitchen rules apply:

  • Always clean up after yourself when you have made and eaten food.

  • Always put in the fridge / cupboard / dishwasher after you.

  • Always clean the kitchen counter, stove, fan and dining table after you have cooked and eaten food.

  • Take out the trash when it's full, even if it's not just yours.

  • Sort food waste, residual waste, glass and metal, plastic packaging, paper. Read more about garbage sorting here!

  • Clean the refrigerator door and kitchen cabinets.

  • Keep the fridge tidy and throw away old food.

  • Clean the floor once a week.

  • Ask before you borrow something! Basically, none of the kitchen equipment is common, so please take the time to come to an agreement with your fellow residents before you use each other's things.

  • Pay attention to each other! :)

Cleaning of units with shared bathroom and kitchen:

If you are going to share a bathroom with someone, you and your neighbour should make a joint cleaning list that distributes when and what you should clean in the bathroom. Remember that you are responsible for keeping it neat and clean!

Our janitors / cleaners check common rooms, shared kitchens and shared bathrooms regularly, and approves of the cleaning.

Cleaning supplies

Here is a selection of detergents and equipment that the cleaners in SSN recommend that all residents have.

Report damages/defects on My page

If something doesn't work or has faults in your shared kitchen, let us know about this by logging in to My page and go to My tenancy where you choose Report fault/defect.

Read more about reporting defects here.

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