New to student housing? Read these advice!

Wed 15 Jun
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If you are both a new student and have just moved away from home, it may be a good idea to read some advice about life in student accommodation.

Create a cozy and comfortable living space

Most of our single units are provided with furnishings such as bed, desk and chair, wardrobe and book shelf. You have to bring anything else you need, but this doesn't have to be expensive! Take a peek in your grandmother's attic, go to a second-hand store or have a search on An armchair and a small table, a rug on the floor and perhaps a lamp can make your living space much more cosy, and most single units have space for these extra furnishings.

Remember to bring personal objects such as photos and things that are important to quickly make your student accommodation "home".

Use the picture rails

Our housing units have picture rails with hooks to hang pictures or other things on. Remember that you are not allowed to make holes in the walls!

Shared bathrooms and kitchen

If you are sharing a bathroom with someone, you should agree on when and how to clean. Agree upon which items you feel are personal and which can be shared.

In the shared kitchen, you have a unique opportunity of making friends for life! It is always a good idea to get to know the people you are sharing with, but you DON'T have to become best friends. The key here is mutual respect.

To ensure a pleasant and positive environment, people who share a kitchen should agree on how to arrange cleaning, order, routines, emptying the rubbish bins and maybe also shared purchases and meals. Ask your fellow residents what they think of as shared items and what are personal items, and be clear about what you want to share or not. This prevents misunderstandings and potential arguments! A good tip is to make a washing list and preferably a kitchen chat in a social channel that suits most people.

A social environment

People live close to each other in student accommodation. It is important that you take care of each other! Be clear and discuss situations that create problems between residents before they escalate into major problems. If you share a kitchen with international students, a good idea for an ice-breaker is to talk about normal life and living standards in Norway.

Sometimes it can be difficult to get to know those who live around you. Feel free to use the resident assistant if you need help getting to know more people in your hallway or in the shared kitchen. It is an important task for the resident assistant to arrange social gatherings that help the residents get to know each other better.

Household contents insurance

Please note that residents in our student housing is NOT covered by our house contents insurance. It is therefore necessary to make sure you have your own insurance.

Read more about house contents insurance in our student housing FAQs.

NB! Remember to report your change of address to Lånekassen (Norwegian State Educational Loan Fund) so that 40% of your loan is converted to a grant when you are taking your exams!

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