What to bring?

Fri 06 Jan
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All our single units and apartments are equipped with some furniture and equipment, but there are also some things you must remember to bring yourself.

This is what you should bring when moving into student housing:

What you must bring with you, of course, are clothes and personal belongings. In addition to this, it is a good idea to bring:

  1. Duvet, pillow, bed linen and towels.

  2. All kitchen equipment: Table ware, glasses, cutlery, pots, frying pans, utensils, ovenproof dish, mixing bowls, etc.

  3. Electrical gadgets such as coffee machine/coffee maker, kettle (in many of the large communal kitchens there is a Quooker, so check first on the site for the property you are moving to, if you need a kettle), waffle iron, stand mixer, toaster etc.

  4. Bucket, broom, vacuum cleaner, detergents, cloths for use in your own unit and in the shared kitchen/bathroom.

Buy second hand!

There are loads of barely used kitchen equipment in second-hand shops! Here you can bargain!

You can find electrical gadgets such as kettles, hand blenders and coffee makers at Tise and finn.no

Cleaning supplies

Here is a selection of detergents and equipment that the cleaners in SSN recommend that all residents have.

Get more dorm-life hacks.

Buy bedding package

The package contains: 

  • 1 duvet

  • 1 duvet cover

  • 1 pillow

  • 1 pillow cover

  • 1 sheet

  • 2 towels, one small and one large

Order a bedding package before your arrival

Let us know before you arrive if you want to buy a bedding package. We will deliver it to your apartment/unit. We add the cost of the package to your rent invoice.

The order can be sent to: [email protected]

Check the pricelist to see the cost of a bedding package.

What is in the apartment/unit?

In our housing selector, you will find an overview of what kind of equipment is available for the different types of units and apartments. Once you have been allocated a housing unit and know what type of unit you have been given, you can see what exactly this type of unit contains in terms of equipment.

Removing furniture from the residence is not permitted, but you can bring and add what you can fit.

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