Åsgårdstrand Studentboliger

From 7270 kr

Åsgårdstrand student accommodation was built in 1999, and consists of 20 couples apartments and family apartments all with a high standard. The apartments have from two to four bedrooms and kitchen.

Questions about student housing?

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Welfare host for residents

Contact information for your welfare host is found on My page.


Åsgårdstrand student housing is located approximately 3 kilometres from USN. Near the student housing you will find the centre of Åsgårdstrand with its beautiful harbour, beach, restaurants and Munch's House. The buildings at Åsgårdstrand student housing are named after Edvard Munch's paintings.

You share mailbox with the same person as you share kitchen with.

There are great outdoor areas with barbeque sites and playgrounds for the children. 

There are good parking facilities and free parking.

It is possible to install washing machines/tumble driers in every bathroom in Granåsveien 2. In addition to this, you will find a laundry room with a free washing machine and tumble drier at the far end of “Pikene på Broen”.

All the apartments have private, spacious storage rooms. Each single unit with the same letter has a shared storage room for sports equipment. 

Underground waste igloos are located by the main road. Remember to recycle!


The property has electricity as an energy source. Electricity is included in the rent.

Think of the environment - help us saving energy! 

Fixed supplement for electricity

The rent does not include electricity, but you get a fixed supplement on your rent invoice that covers electricity consumption per month. This means that you do not have to handle the electricity bill yourself, and that your living expenses are predictable.

Cable in router dir-100

Internet via cable

A router from SSN (Dlink DIR-100) has been placed in your apartment. To use a wired connection, you must connect the device through this. Use one or more of the blue ports marked 1-4. The grey port marked "Internet" must be plugged into the wall outlet.

The router is fully configured by us and must not be reset/changed.

We recommend that you use network cables of the standard cat5e or newer.

No WiFi

SSN does not provide a wireless network in this building. If there is a need for WiFi, the tenant must set this up him or herself using a wireless router etc.


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