Get a Norwegian bank account with D-number

Thu 27 Oct
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Here you can prepare for the information you need to give when applying to open an account with the Norwegian bank SpareBank1.

Become a bank customer as a foreign citizen

You will receive a SMS/text message when the contract/documents are ready to be signed at the banks branch chosen by you in this form. There are a processing time of up to six weeks. It is important to bring a valid ID.

NB! When you start filling out the form it must be filled and sent by you within 15 minutes (you will have to restart filling it out after 15 minutes).

The form is divided into three parts:

1. About you:

Practical info such as D-number, name, address stc.

2. Information about what we are required by law to ask you:

  1. Are you a politically exposed person? Have you, someone in your immediate family or a close employee had a high level of public employment or employment in a country other than Norway during the last year?

  2. Will you likely receive payments from a foreign country? If yes, from which country?

  3. Will you likely make bank transfers/payments to a foreign country? If yes, to which country? Try to estimate the yearly amount in NOK.

  4. Do you expect to deposit cash through an automatic cash deposit machine or in-store cash services etc?

  5. Do you expect to use your bank account to purchase and/or sell virtual currency, and will this exceed 50 000 NOK per year?

  6. Will you use your personal customer relationship with the bank to administer money for other people's or your own business activities?

  7. Do you think that you will make payments or investments on behalf of others?

  8. Will your primary source of income be something other than wages, student loan, national insurance or a pension?

  9. Are you expecting payments other than wages, student loan, national insurance or pension that will exceed 50 000 NOK per year?

  10. Will you use your personal customer relationship with the bank to something other than savings and regular bank consumotions (use of cardm paying bills, mortgages etc)?

  11. When you open your bank account, will you transfer more than 100 000 kroner to the bank?

  12. Transfer when opening bank account: Choose type from a list. Initial transfer amount in NOK on chosen type. Initial transfer: Specify more on this type of transfer.

3. Additional information and documents:

  1. Who is your employer in Norway (company name)? Choose: Ingen, eller mottar stønad fra NAV eller andre.

  2. Choose SpareBank1 Sørøst-Norge branch to register your identification and sign documents.

  3. Do you have an employment contract with an expire date?

  4. Which of the following documents do you possess? To activate your account we need you to bring all the documents you have shecked in the list when you come to the bank to sign the contract.

  5. Do you want to order a Visa Direct card?


  1. You will get a summary when all questions are answered. Changes can be made before you click Send.

  2. If you have said Yes to order a Visa Direct card, you need to open and read the full Customer declaration before you can submit the form.

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