Housing - FAQ

  • + Can I bring my own furniture?

    Most of our units are already fully furnished. This may vary from one type of unit to another. You can find information on the furniture in the type of unit you have been allocated in the description of the unit. You may bring your own furniture in addition as long as you do not remove any of the furniture that is already there.

    Very few of the units are set up for washing machines. There are communal laundries in each residential area.

  • + Can I change accommodation internally with SSN?

    When you are already a resident with us, you will be prioritised on the waiting list if you apply for another unit. You apply for another unit on My Page. This internal transfer of units is unfortunately not possible during the months of January and August, when term starts. PS: Administrative charges apply. See under Rules and Prices 

  • + Can I continue to rent student accommodation over the summer?

    Your contract is visible on My Page and contains the duration of your housing agreement. If you wish to stay longer than what your contract states, please contact us.

  • + Can I terminate my tenancy agreement?

    For international students who are in Norway through an exchange program, leases
    cannot be terminated. Please read section 4 in your signed contract thoroughly. International students will have a contract until June 30th or July 31st, based on the student's wishes. Are you unsure about what applies in your contract? Please read section 4 in your contract where you wil find correct information about the duration of your tenancy. 

    If you are not an international student through an wxchange program, you can normally terminate the lease with a notice period of three -3 - months from the last date of the month. You can terminate the lease on My Page. Afterwards you will receive an e-mail that the termination has been registered, as well as practical information concerning the move.

  • + Coronavirus

    We have gathered all information about SSN and the corona virus in one article that is updated continuously. In the last part of the text you will find some relevant questions and answers, especially related to student housing.

  • + Do I need house contents insurance?

    Yes, because SSN only insures its buildings, furniture and other inventory. Personal belongings must be insured by you.

    NSO offers insurance for students.

  • + Does my room have Internet connection?

    Yes, nearly all our units are connected to USN’s network. See more information under Internet and TV.

  • + How and when do I pay the rent?

    Invoice at My page

    Invoices for rent is available at My page, and the deadline for payment is the 1st of each month. You pay your rent in advance. You are responsible for contacting us if you have not received your invoice.

    We recommend e-invoices. If you don't pay your invoice within the deadline, the case will be sent to Sergel debt collection.

    You will be invoiced from the first day of the tenancy agreement, even if you have not moved in yet. 

    You will find more information in this article.

  • + How do I ensure that my mail reaches me?

    Remember to supply the correct postal address for the postal service to send your mail directly to your mailbox/student accommodation. Mail that is not correctly addressed will be returned to sender. See information under Postal service 

  • + How long can I stay in the student accommodation?

    The tenancy agreement expires on 31 July.  

    In May, you will receive an offer of a new tenancy agreement running from 1 August. The offer is sent by email and tells you what to do. 

    Please note that there are certain criteria you must meet in order to receive this offer of a new agreement:

    • No due rent can be unpaid at the time of processing the application.
    • No breach of agreement on your part must be registered, and you must not have terminated the agreement before it expires.

    The maximum period of residence in our student accommodation is five (5) years.

  • + Intercom

    Many of our residential buildings have intercom that can be used to let visitors in the front door.

    To use the intercom if you have one in your building:

    Log into key.ssn.no where you use your mobile number as your username and PIN from your key card as your password. "Slide to unlock" on the building you live in. The door is now open for 5-10 seconds before it is automatically locked again.

  • + No smoking

    Smoking is prohibited inside all our student housing. All smoking must take place outdoors, use ashtrays that are placed outside (we appreciate if you who smoke make sure to empty these regularly).

    §3 of the Housing Regulations states this about smoking:

    1. All rooms (single units, apartments and common rooms) in the student housing are non-smoking. The tenant is responsible for ensuring that the smoking ban is complied with. The tenant is also responsible for ensuring that this prohibition is complied with by visitors. The smoking ban applies in all rooms. It is also not allowed to smoke in window frames or on the balcony. The ban also applies to the use of e-cigarettes.
    2. Violations of this rule are treated as all other violations of the rules of order, cf. § 14 in the lease. Smoker can be made liable for any damage, washing or refurbishment that must be carried out after smoking.
    3. Discovery / use of prohibited drugs on the property or inside the home leads to eviction.
  • + What do I do if I lose my key or have locked myself out?

    Lost key card

    For those of you who have a key card, you can easily open the doors you have access to digitally, via "My key card" on "My page". If you have lost your key card, you can order a new one at your local SSN service centre.

    It will not be possible to open digitally if the internet in the building is down, so we don't recommend that you use the mobile as a permanent solution.

    Lost key

    For those of you who do not have a key card, you must contact your local SSN service centre to buy a new one. See our Price list.

    Locked out during daytime 

    If you lock yourself out during the day, you can contact SSN during opening hours. Alternatively you can contact the resident assistant at your student accommodation between 15.00 and 22.00 (this service costs NOK 200 and will be invoiced). Resident assistants' contact information provided on the accommodation website.

    Locked out in the evening/night/weekend

    If you have lost your key/locked yourself out outside of opening hours (or at weekends) and the resident assistant is not available, the Security Company can be contacted on +47 33 30 75 44. This service has a fee and will be invoiced (check the pricelist for current price). The Security Company serves all campuses, except Rauland. 

  • + What equipment do I have to bring?

    You need to bring a duvet, pillow, bedding, towels, cleaning equipment and kitchenware.

    We can provide a bedding package for the cost of NOK 475. The package contains:

    1 duvet
    1 duvet cover
    1 pillow
    1 pillow cover
    1 sheet
    2 towels, one small and one large

    Please let us know if you would like to buy this package before your arrival,  so we can deliver this to your room. You can place an order by e-mailing us: [email protected]

  • + What happens if I am not admitted to studies, but have already rented accommodation?

    If you have booked a unit but are not admitted by USN, you can be released from the contract signed from August.

    You can cancel your contract at My page on ssn.no or send us an email to
    [email protected] before the end of 31 July. We will confirm to your registered email address.

    For international students who are in Norway through an exchange program, leases
    cannot be terminated. Please read section 4 in your signed contract thoroughly.


  • + What is included in the rent?

    The rent includes electricity (separate rules for the units on Faun, Klokkergården and Åsgårdstrand), janitor services and Internet connection (according to USN's regulations).

  • + What number am I on the waiting list?

    Unfortunately, it is hard for us to say much about your number on our waiting list or how long it will take until we have accommodation to offer you. Some applicants have priority over others for different reasons.

    Those who have already applied for a unit are welcome to make changes to their application at any given moment. This results in continuous changes in the waiting list. We send out offers of accommodation consecutively, and there are always some who refuse their offer. When this happens, an offer is immediately sent out to the next person on the list. This means that there is no deadline or specific point in time when we can send offers of accommodation.

  • + When should I apply for student accommodation?

    There is no deadline for applying, but we recommend that you apply for accommodation as soon you have applied for admission at an educational institution associated with the University of South-Eastern Norway, the Norwegian Police University College in Stavern, the technical school Tinius Olsen or Folkeuniversitetet in South-East Norway. This is in order to enter the waiting list as early as possible. Applications sent during term will be processed as they come in, and accommodation units that have been vacated will be offered to others as soon as they are ready, normally from 1 or 15 of each month.

    In August, we normally do not have any vacant units, but throughout the months of June and July, many residents move out. If you apply for housing and enter a date for moving in during one of these months, you are more likely to receive your preferred unit. Remember that you can apply for student accommodation at any time of the year. If you are already a resident with us and want to change units, you are on the top of our priority list throughout the year except term start (January and August). You can read more about which groups are prioritised on the waiting lists and the rules for this here.

  • + Why have I not received a reply to my application?

    Unfortunately, we do not have the capacity to reply to all applications. Only applicants that receive offers of accommodation will receive a reply on My page.

    If your status on My Page is "ubehandlet" (not processed), then your application has not yet been placed on the waiting list. If your status is "behandlet" (processed), this does not mean that you have been allocated accommodation, but that your application has been received and is on the waiting list.