What do I do if I lose my key or have locked myself out?

Lost key card

For those of you who have a key card, you can easily open the doors you have access to digitally, via "My key card" on "My page". If you have lost your key card, you can order a new one at your local SSN service centre.

It will not be possible to open digitally if the internet in the building is down, so we don't recommend that you use the mobile as a permanent solution.

Lost key

For those of you who do not have a key card, you must contact your local SSN service centre to buy a new one. See our Price list.

Locked out during daytime 

If you lock yourself out during the day, you can contact SSN during opening hours. Alternatively you can contact the resident assistant at your student accommodation between 15.00 and 22.00 (this service costs NOK 200 and will be invoiced). Resident assistants' contact information provided on the accommodation website.

Locked out in the evening/night/weekend

If you have lost your key/locked yourself out outside of opening hours (or at weekends) and the resident assistant is not available, the Security Company can be contacted on +47 33 30 75 44. This service has a fee and will be invoiced (check the pricelist for current price). The Security Company serves all campuses, except Rauland.