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Here you can find and apply for housing and get answers to most things about life in student housing.

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All about applying for student housing and moving in

What if you have rented housing, but are not admitted to studies?

Fear not! You can cancel the lease by 31 July.

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What is it really like to share student housing?

Is it messy and noisy? Do you have to be social all the time? Mina and Truls talk honestly about life in their collective at Fagerlund Student housing on USN Campus Vestfold.

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Useful info for you who are living with us, and for you who are moving out

Moving out from student housing?

We would like to remind you that you shall clean your student accommodation yourself and that the cleaning job must be checked and approved by us.

Checklist for final cleaning

Frequently asked questions

Everyone who applies for student housing with SSN will be placed on a waiting list.

Unfortunately, it is hard for us to say much about your number on our waiting list or how long it will take until we have accommodation to offer you. Some applicants have priority over others for different reasons.

Those who have already applied for a unit are welcome to make changes to their application at any given moment. This results in continuous changes in the waiting list. We send out offers of accommodation consecutively, and there are always some who refuse their offer. When this happens, an offer is immediately sent out to the next person on the list. This means that there is no deadline or specific point in time when we can send offers of accommodation.


If you have not added more options to your application (e.g. other housing areas on the same campus or other housing types on the same property that you have already applied for), but wish to change this, you can go to My Page at any time and add more options to your application. This way you might receive an offer sooner.

If you first receive an offer for a housing type that is not your "dream unit", you can submit a new application for the latter. Move in to the unit that was offered to you, and you will and get an offer to move as soon as something becomes available from your top priority.

Read more about changing student housing unit.

If you have questions regarding your application, you are always welcome to contact us.

Only applicants that receive offers for housing will receive a reply on My page.

Are you an international student wondering if you are allocated student housing on the basis of housing guarantee? Read about the allocation to international students here.

Since we allocate housing units on an ongoing basis, we do not reject applications. You will therefore be on the waiting list with us until:

  1. You are allocated a student housing with us, or

  2. It has been 60 days since you registered or last extended your application.

If you have not been allocated housing, and have not extended your application after 60 days, your application will be removed from the waiting list. Why do I have to extend my application?

We work as fast as we can to allocate housing, and will give you an answer as soon as possible. Thank you so much for your patience ❤️

🧳In addition to clothing and personal belongings, you may want to bring:

  • Pillow, duvet, towels and bed-clothing

  • Plates, cups etc. and cutlery

  • Pots, pans and other kitchen equipment

  • Bucket, brush, cloths, for use in own accommodation and shared kitchen/bathroom

Removing furniture from the residence is not permitted, but you may bring additional furniture if there is room for it.

Read more: What to bring?

🛌Buy bed linen package:

We can provide a bed linen package for you. The package contains: 

1 duvet
1 duvet cover
1 pillow
1 pillow cover
1 sheet
2 towels, one small and one large

See the price list for current price of bed linen package.

📦Get a bed linen package delivered to your dorm room:

Please let us know if you would like to buy this package before your arrival, so we can deliver this to your room.

The rent includes electricity, janitor services and internet (free additional service via USN).

All dorms and apartments have a lot of fixed equipment, such as white goods, bed, wardrobe ++, but there are also some things you need to bring yourself.

Read about what you should bring.

In the student housing where there is a shared laundry with appwash, you pay per wash/dry, while in most of our accommodation in Porsgrunn, Bø (not Campus Bø Student housing), Notodden and on Rauland it is free to use the shared laundry room.

You can find out what kind of laundry solution there is where you are staying under Communal laundry/laundry room on the page for the residential area.

You can pick up the key either from SSN's office on campus or you can lock yourself in via the app if it is a key card and not a physical key at your student accommodation.

All information about key collection can be found here.

We are here for you!

Did you know there is an easily accessible person on your campus, that you can contact if you for example need help with the social environment in your accommodation?

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