Welcome to our student housing!

Welcome to our student housing, and thank you for choosing to stay with us! We hope you will enjoy your stay. Below is useful and practical information on moving in to your new housing.

To personer med flyttekasser

When you move in to student housing, you're bound to have some questions and you can find answers to most of these on this website. You can also check our list of frequently asked questions

If you have been allocated student accommodation and have signed a tenancy agreement, but are not admitted to your studies after the Norwegian Universities and Colleges Admission Service's main admission date on 20 July, you can be released from contract provided you notify us by 31 July. 

Picking up your key

You can pick up the key to your student accommodation from one of our service offices from the first day of your contract after 13.00 and within our opening hours.  If the first day of your contract is on a weekend, public holiday or holiday, you can pick up your key on the first subsequent working day after 13.00. We do not allow students to move in during the period between Christmas Eve and New Year's Day, and during the week before Easter Sunday.

You can choose when you want to pick up your key, but we would like to know when you plan to do so if later than the first day of your contract.

Before you can pick up your key, you have to pay the first invoice. This invoice will be sent at the end of each month. If you haven’t received the invoice before your tenancy agreement starts, please contact us at [email protected]. When moving, please bring your ID-card or other identification with you if you haven't received a student card yet.

Resident assistants

At all our student housing units, we assign the role of "landlord/landlady" to one of the resident students. Their tasks is to ensure a pleasant enviornment for students, and you can ask them almost anything. They also have a stock of practical items such as light bulbs, first-aid kits and some tools.