Frequently asked questions: Rent

Wed 05 Jan

The rent must be paid by the 1st of each month, and you will find an invoice for rent on My page. Let us know if you have not received the rent invoice.

About rent

Frequently asked questions about rent and payment.

SSNs bank account number is: 2480 27 91050

Do you need to pay the rent from an international bank account? Find the information you need here.

SSN offers electronic invoice (Vipps) and direct debit as payment solutions

With electronic invoice (eFaktura in Norwegian) or direct debit, you receive the invoice directly into your online bank. You can establish one of these payment forms with us in your online bank. To create an agreement with us, you need a reference number, which is your customer number. We encourage everyone to use electronic invoice or direct debit.

If you have an electronic invoice agreement with us, you can go to your Vipps and choose «alltid Vipps eFaktura». The invoice will then turn up in Vipps and can be paid there.
You can also receive the invoice by e-mail, and it will always be avaliable on My page. You are responsible for contacting [email protected] if you have not received the invoice.

Pay on behalf of others

Payment on behalf of others must be marked with name or customer number in the message field. Electronic invoice or direct debit agreement does not work if you wish to pay repeatedly on behalf of others.

For paying the rent, you need our bank address, IBAN and BIC / SWIFT:

Name of Bank: Sparebank 1 Sørøst-Norge (BV)
Bank address: Torvet 5, 3120 Nøtterøy
Account number: 2480 27 91050
IBAN number: NO41 2480 27 91050

Account owner: Studentsamskipnaden i Sorost-Norge
Owners address: Raveien 189 B, 3184 Borre, Norway
Account title: Daily bank account SSN

Identify which invoice you are paying

NB! Remember to identify the invoice you are transferring money for in the note field! Simply note the invoice number (fakturanummer).

The rent is due on the 1st of each month

  • The rent invoice is due on the 1st of each month and is paid in advance. You are responsible for paying rent - not received incoice does not give an exemption from payment.

  • Rent for the first month is paid in advance before moving in. From the following month after moving in, the rent is due as normal.

  • You will be invoiced from the start of the contract (even if you for various reasons have not moved in on the date your contract started).

Please contact us if there is a month when you have difficulty in paying by the deadline: [email protected]. You can also contact us if you have general payment problems so that we can try to find a solution to the problem together.

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Reminder with reminder fee

In the event of late payment of rent and other invoices from SSN, you will receive a reminder with a reminder fee (“Varsel/Betalingsvarsel” in Norwegian) from the debt collection company Sergel or to Lowell (formerly Intrum Justitia). Invoices reminders are emailed to the tenant's address with us.

Debt Collection

If you still do not pay, the case will go to debt collection (“inkasso” in Norwegian) with the debt collection company, and interest and fees will continue to increase until the invoice is paid.

Upon receiving a collection notice, inquiries should be directed to Sergel or to Lowell (formerly Intrum Justitia).

Payment remark

If invoices are not paid after they have been collected, you can receive a payment remark. A payment remark can lead to you not being able to take out a loan in the bank if you apply for a mortgage or similar in the future.

Notice of forced waiver (eviction)

In the case of two (2) unpaid invoices from SSN, you will receive a notice of forced eviction from the housing unit (eviction), ref. § 14 in the rental contract.

If you have still not paid the amount due, the case will be sent to the execution and enforcement commissioner for a request for a compulsory deviation. Treatment, follow-up and implementation by the execution and enforcement commissioner will trigger court fees.

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Free financial advice

We can not help you pay your rent, but we are happy to help you get your finances in order, so that you are equipped to pay your rent on time 😉

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You can request a deferral of payment if you are experiencing a tough month.

Rent invoice when changing housings unit:

  • Rent invoice for your new unit was sent to you when you signed the contract for it.

  • If the invoice for the month you are moving, has been sent, you will receive a credit note for the unit you are moving out from.

  • If you have already paid the invoice for the month for which you received the credit note, you have two options:
    1. Get your credit note paid back to you. Send your account number to [email protected].
    2. Link the payment you have made to the new invoice you have received for the unit you are moving to. If you want this, send an e-mail to [email protected].

You apply for a change of residence on My page.

The rent includes electricity, janitor services and internet (free additional service via USN). In the vast majority of our student housing in Porsgrunn, Bø, Notodden and Rauland, the use of shared laundry room is included in the rent.