Our student accommodation

Where do you want to live? We offer many different options. You can choose between one-, two- or three- bedroom apartments, family apartments, single units with private bathroom and shared kitchen or single units where you share a kitchen and bathroom with another person, maybe a good friend.

Felleskjøkken Unitas

It is safe, social and inclusive to live in student accommodation. In most cases, both electricity and Internet access are included in the rent, and we don't require a deposit. If you need help, this is never far away. We have both janitors and resident assistants who provide services for our student accommodation.

How to apply

Once you've had a look at the accommodation on your campus and decided to apply for student accommodation, you have to create a user account on My Page then enter your application there. 

Feel free to contact one of our consultants on email [email protected] to discuss what we have to offer.