Campus Bø Studentboliger

From 4780 kr

The building at Gullbring in Bø houses 282 beautiful new student homes with lovely common rooms and a fantastic location close to campus.

Questions about student housing?

Send us a message! Or contact us in the chat.

Welfare host for residents

Contact information for your welfare host is found on My page.

About the building:

Campus Bø Student Housing is built in massive wood over five floors surrounding an atrium.
There are two main entrances, one on each side of the atrium, which are marked with 28 and 30 respectively (which reflects the street number). The first residents moved in on August 7, 2020, just in time for the start of the academic year.

The building has different types of housing units:

All housing units and common indoor areas are non-smoking. There is an ashtray by the barbeque site outside the building.

Do you have questions about student housing? Check out our FAQ!

Practical information about Campus Bø Student Housing:

Situated between the two main entrances, you´ll find a small glass storehouse where you are free to fix your bike and wax your skis during the winter.

There is a large room dedicated to bicycle-parking in the basement. You enter this room from the back of the building.

Two common lounge areas, perfect for social get-togethers and movie nights, is accessible for all residents. These are located on the ground floor, with access from both the atrium and the hallway.

On the top floor, there is a small "library" where you can borrow books. Please return them when you have finished reading, so that others also get the opportunity :) This room can also be used for studies - there is seating for nine people.

Electricity is included in the rent. 

The building is built as a passive house (with low energy standard) and has its own geo well that provides energy for ventilation heating, warm water and heating of common areas.

There are two elevators in the building, one by entrance 28 and one by entrance 30. The elevator by entrance 28 takes you to the basement with laundry room and storage rooms. 

Garbage must be sorted and then disposed in "waste iglos" outside Campus Bø Student Housing. Remember to sort your waste! Electric waste can be placed in the marked bin at the laundry.

You can lock in via your mobile and "My key card" on My page or by using the Student Sørøst-app. Here you have the opportunity to unlock all doors you have access to through your tenancy with SSN. It is also this feature that you can use to lock in guests. Read more about using the mobile phone as a key.

NB! We recommend that you always take your key card with you when you leave the dormitory. Opening from the web will not work if you lack internet or My page is down.

You will receive a key card (free of charge) when you move into your accommodation. This is how the card works:


  • Present keycard to the card reader. Enter your four-digit code to open the door.
  • From the inside, you press the open switch to unlock and open the door.  

  • The doors have automatic opening and closing. 


  • Present keycard to the reader and the door should open - no code is required.
  • From the inside, you press the open switch to unlock and open the door.


How do I enter and lock the door to my unit/apartment? 

  • Present keycard to the card reader, enter your four-digit code, and the door opens.  
  • The door remains unlocked until you lock it with the keycard and code from the outside. 
  • The light flashes to red on the card reader when it goes into locked position.  
  • When you have locked the door from the outside, it opens from the inside when you depress the handle.
  • See the video that describes how the key card system and the lock works.

Tips for using keycards and code: 

  • If you enter the code too quickly, it does not register.  
  • If you unlock from outside, and scan your keycard within few seconds to lock the door again, it might not be necessary to enter your code.
  • Hold the keycard in your other hand when entering the code. The card reader is sensitive and can read the card twice if you hold it too close when entering the code. 
  • Does the display blink yellow every 5 seconds? This means the battery must be replaced. Log on to My page. Report this under “Faults and defects,” and our operations department will assist you. 
  • Please do not write on the keycards. If you puncture the cards they will no longer work.
  • When locking your door remember to NOT push the door handle down while closing. The system will be overruled and the door will still be unlocked.

Locked yourself out or lost your keycard?

Remember: All key cards must be returned to SSN when you move out of your student housing. A fee will be charged if the key card is not returned. See the price list.

As the name indicates, the building is located on campus, about 200 metres from the university and a with short distance from Bø city centre and the railway station. Read more about how to get to Campus Bø at USN´s website.

There are nice, common outdoor areas with a barbeque site in front of the building. There is also be a enjoyable "silent area" in the courtyard, with room for a conversation with a friend or reflections of your own. 

Three HC-parking spaces are located by the main entrance. There are also 45 parking spaces for rent on the other side of the road from the student housing. The current price can be seen in the price list and applications for parking spaces are made on My page under My tenancy and Apply for additional products.

NB! Avoid parking in Bø Hotell's car park! Here you risk being towed away at your own expense.

The laundry room with washing machines and tumble dryers is to be found in the basement, with access from entrance 28. You do not need to bring your own detergent, as the machines have a "dosing system" - that is, it automatically fills with detergent. The detergents are hypoallergenic.

Use appWash to do your laundry

With the solution everything is done with an app on your phone (you can also use a web site):

1. Download the app appWash by Miele or go to
2. Register in the app
3. Top up the balance

At the laundry:

4. Select machine
5. Select program
6. Load clothes and start the machine

It is currently not possible to reserve machines with this solution., but you can use the app to see if there are any machines available. You will also receive a notification from your app when your laundry is finished.

70 storage rooms (access from entrance 28) are available for rent for the residents (see the current price in our price list). Each storage room measures 1x1,5 m and is locked with private padlock.

When you are assigned a housing unit at Campus Bø Student Housing and have signed your contract, you may apply for a storage room at My Page. Due to a limited capacity there might be a waiting list to be assigned with a storage room.

There are two swap shelves at Campus Bø Student Housing, one in entrance 28 and one in 30. Here you can leave things you no longer need, or find things you need for the dormitory. It is not permitted to leave furniture or textiles.

Entrance 28: In the basement, under the stairs by the lift.

Entrance 30: Under the stairs by the lift on the ground floor.

There is also a book exchange room at the very top of the building, overlooking the atrium. Bring a book with you and leave books you don't need yourself.

Passive house with geo well

Electricity is included in the rent. 

The building is built as a passive house (energy efficient) and has its own geo well that provides energy for ventilation heating, hot water and heating of common areas.

The student housing is built to be energy-efficient to retain heat during the cold season. There is no cooling installed on the property and in the summer months it can get hot inside if it is hot outside.

Fire alarm system

It is very important for your safety and the safety of others that you have familiarised yourself with the fire alarm system in your student residence. You can find information about the fire alarm system that applies to you on My page under Fire information. We would like you to read this and tick off that the information has been read and understood.

There are also notices in the student accommodation that provide you with information.

Cable in router

Internet via cable

A router from SSN has been placed in your apartment. To use a wired connection, you must connect the device you wish to use through this.

We recommend that you use network cables of the standard cat5e or newer.

Priv-ssid: Private wireless network

Private WiFi

SSID and password for your personal wireless network can be found under the internet tab on My page.

SSN external

This wireless network is reserved for tenants who do not have an account to use eduroam. If you are not a student or employee at USN you will find the password under the Internet tab on my page.

WiFi: Eduroam

This is the same wireless network that you will find on campus (in addition to a number of other locations). To log in to eduroam, you must use your student account ([email protected] + password). You obtain your student account from the university at the start of studies. More information about student accounts can be found on the USN website.

Eduroam uses wpa-enterprise for authentication. This means you need both a username and password to log in. Many devices such as smart TV, Chromecast, Apple TV and gaming consoles do not support this and therefore cannot be used on Eduroam.

WiFi public areas

These wireless networks are also available in public areas (kitchen/lounge/hallway).

Subject to errors in inventory. In addition, some inventory may apply to common areas and not the individual unit.

Grohe Red tap

In your shared kitchen you will find a Grohe Red tap, where you get boiling water (100 °C) directly from the faucet. This means that you do not have to bring a kettle with you if you belong to a shared kitchen.